Milwaukee, WIASIS&T 2007 Annual Meeting
Joining Research and Practice:
Social Computing and Information Science

October 19-24, 2007  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Friday, Oct. 19
8:30-12:30 Seminar:  Research Into Practice: Studying Producers and Consumers in Social Computing Environments
8:30-12:30 Seminar:  Making D Space Your Own
9:00-5:00 Seminar:  Taxonomies in Search
1:00-6:00 Seminar:  3rd Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium: The Social Web, Social Computing and the Social Analysis of Computing
Saturday, Oct. 20
9:00-4:00 Seminar:  18th Annual SIG CR Classification Research Workshop
9:00-5:00 Seminar:  Social Information Architecture
1:00-6:00 Seminar:  7th SIG USE Symposium: Mobility and Social Networks in Information Behavior
1:30-5:30 Seminar:  RSS 2.0 for Current Awareness and Alerts: A Hands-On "Getting Started" Experience
5:00-7:00 Happy Hour
Sunday, Oct. 21
8:30-12:30 Seminar:  Information Architecture 3.0
8:30 Chapter Assembly (governance)
10:00 SIG Cabinet (governance)
11:30 New Member and First Conference Brunch
1:00 Impact of the Internet on Users (SIG USE), Jose-Marie Griffiths, Don King, Jeffrey Pomerantz, Carol Tenopir, George D'Elia, Sarah Aerni Who is Tagging Information? (SIGSs USE, CR, KM), June Abbas, Hsin-liang Chen, Ed Lomax Memory Practices in Online Communities: An Exploratory Panel (SIG SI), Howard Rosenbaum, Elisabeth Davenport, Kathryn Clodfelder, John Smith, Bronwyn Stuckey Revisiting the Foundations of Information Discovery and Access Systems (SIGs HFIS, CR), Michael Buckland, Jane Greenberg, Kathryn La Barre, Carole Palmer The Future of Institutional Repositories: The Experts Debate (SIGs DL, SI, STI, LT), Leslie Chan, Kenneth Frazier, Michael Leach, Robin Peek, Kristin Eschenfelder, Anita Coleman
3:30 Information-related Behaviors
Modeling Task-based Information Seeking on the Web: Application of Information Seeking Strategy Schema, Jeonghyun Kim
Information-Seeking Behaviors of Academic Researchers in the Internet Age: A User Study in the United States, China and Greece, Peling Wang, Lei Wu, Dimitris A. Dervos, Yan Zhang
Toward an Integrated Framework of Information and Communication Behavior: College Students' Information Resources and Media Selection, Soo Young Rieh, Brian Hilligoss, Jiyeon Yang 
Speed Meeting (SIGs KM, BWP, MGT), Deborah Swain, Beatrice Pulliam, Kris Liberman Online Communities
CommNets 2.0: Using an Evolutionary Perspective to Examine a Statewide Community Networking Initiative, Kathryn Clodfelter, Wayne Buente, Howard Rosenbaum
Querying Information Systems or Interacting with Intermediaries? Towards Understanding the Informational Capacity of Online Communities, Christopher Lueg
Virtual Community Maintenance with a Repository, Derek L. Hansen, Mark S. Ackerman, Paul J. Resnick, Sean Munson
Theoretical/Methodological Explorations
A Methodology and Model for Studying Boundary Objects, Annotations and Collaborative Practices: Musicians and Musical Scores, Megan A. Winget
Towards a Social Affordances Perspective of Media Capabilities and Interface Design, Jason M. Turner
What Crossword Puzzles Teach Us About Information, Miles Efron
Applying Theories of Knowledge Creation to KM Practices in Business and Government (SIG KM), Leona Faust, Lisa Park, Markus Felkel, Jim Dobbins, Qiping Zhang
5:30 Leadership Development Program (free, but you must register in advance)
6:30 Welcome Reception
Monday, Oct. 22
8:30 Wiki a la Carte: Understanding Participation Behaviors (SIGs SI, BWP), Pnina Shachaf, Noriko Hara, Curt Bonk, Thomas Mackey, Bradley Hemminger, Besiki Stvilia, Howard Rosenbaum Data Skimming, Fusion and Mining
The Benefits of Skimming in Data Fusion, Anselm Spoerri
Fusion Approach to Finding Opinions in Blogosphere, Kiduk Yang, Ning Yu, Alejandro Valerio, Hui Zhang, Weimao Ke
Query Expansion: Internet Mining vs. Pseudo Relevance Feedback, Dmitri Roussinov, Gheorghe Mursean
Assuring Quality in the Information Professions, Nancy Roderer, Jose-Marie Griffiths, Charles Henry, Libby Trudell Live Usability Lab: Open Access Archives and Digital Repositories (SIGs DL, SI, USE, STI), Paul Marty, Michael Twidale, Anita Coleman, Tim Donohue, Dorothy Salo Everyday Classification on Large Government and NGO Websites (SIG CR), Joseph Busch, Susan Fagan, Farah Gheriss, Gina Pearson, Barbara Kwasnik, Kathryn LaBarre Posters
Session I
10:30  Plenary Session: Anthea Stratigos, Outsell, Inc.
1:30 Social Computing as Co-created Experience (SIG SI), Rich Gazan, Pnina Shachaf, Karine Barzilai-Nahon, Kalpana Shankar, Shaowen Bardzell Access & Information Seeking
Decision-Making Framework for Thinking about Information-Seeking Behavior, Nicholas Belkin
Does Free-Access to Scholarly Articles Increase Readership and Citation Impact? A Randomized Controlled, Multi-publisher, Multi-Journal Study, Phillip M. Davis
"Where'd it Go?": How People Ask After Lost Web Information, Jaime Teevan
Social Computing in LIS Education: Teaching What We Do by Doing What We Do (SIG ED), Paul Marty, Candy Schwartz, Julie Hersberger, Brad Hemminger, Chip Bruce Social Types and Personas: Typologies of Persons on the Web and Designing for Predictable Behaviors (SIGs USE, HCI), Karen Fisher, Danah Boyd, Gary Burnett, Tammara Turner, Tamara Adlin Methods 2.0: Confessional Methods in Library and Information Studies, Elisabeth Davenport, Howard Rosenbaum, Brenda Dervin, Crystal Fulton, Christine Urquhart Posters
Session II


3:30 Research Directions in Social Network Websites, Frederic Stutzman, Danah Boyd, Scott Golder, Raquel Recuero, Alla Zollers Conceptualizing Social Justice in the Information Sciences, Kevin Rioux, Kendra Albright, Bharat Mehra Approaches to Teaching & Learning Information Retrieval (SIGs ED, HCI, DL), Efthimis Efthimiadis, Jamie Callan, Ray Larson Personal Information
Personal Information Management Strategies and Tactics Used by Senior Engineers, Christina K. Pikas
The Externalities of Search 2.0: The Flow of Personal Information in the Drive for the Perfect Search Engine, Michael Zimmer
An Exploratory Study of Libraries and Their Managers: Management Education for Leaders of Non-Traditional Businesses, Maureen L. Mackenzie, James Smith
Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) Standards (Standards Committee and SIG CR), Marcia Zeng, Margie Hlava, Jian Qin, Gail Hodge, Denise Bedford
6:30 Alumni Reception
8:00 International Reception
Tuesday, Oct. 23
8:30 Opening Science to All: Implications of Blogs and Wikis for Social and Scholarly Scientific Communication (SIGs STI, BWP), Bora Zivkovic, Jean-Claude Bradley, Janet Stemwedel, Phillip Edwards, K.T. Vaughan Human Computer Interaction  
The Effect of Gender Information on Trust Perception and Performance in Computer-Mediated Virtual Environments, Xiaoning Sun, Qiping Zhang, Susan Wiedenbeck, Thippaya Chintakovid
Visceral and Cognitive Levels of Credibility Judgement i a Authorless Environment: A Factor Analysis of the Influence of Visual Design, Jason Holmes, David Robins
Information Behavior in Developing Countries: Research, Issues and Emerging Trends (SIGs USE, III, ED), Johannes Britz, Bharat Mehra, Kevin Rioux, Dania Bilal, Lokman Meho, Michel Menou Towards the Use of Genre to Improve Search in Digital Libraries: Where Do We Go From Here? (SIGs CR, HCI), Andrew Dillon, Stephanie Haas, Barbara Kwasnik, Mark Rosso, Luanne Freund, Christoph Ringlstetter Traditional and Non-Traditional Knowledge Management in Research and Practice (SIGs KM, LT, CR), Tao Jin, France Bouthillier, Buff Bowen, Skip Boettger, Mark Montgomery Posters
Session III


10:15 Social Computing, Folksonomies and Image Tagging: Reports from the Research Front, Samantha Hastings, Hemalata Iyer, Diane Neal, Abebe Rorissa, JungWon Yoon International Views
Internet/Computer Usage and Addiction Among Teenagers in Turkey, Seda Ozmutlu, H. Cenk Ozmutlu
Internet Access in Brazil: Social Context and Science and Technology Professionals, Gilda Olinto
Online Knowledge Sharing in Multinational Corporation: Chinese vs. American Practices, Wei Li, Steve Downey, Tim Wentling
International Perspectives in Open Government (SIGs III, IFP), John Bertot, Charles McClure, Nadia Caidi, Terrance Maxwell Non-Work Information Environments
Motives for Sharing Non-Work Information and the Expectations of Reciprocity: The Case of Environmental Activists, Reijo Savolainen
Improving Online Dating with Virtual Dates, Dan Ariely
The Concepts of Task and Sources of Information in Leisure Activities: A Case Study of Backpackers, Shan-Ju Chang, Hui-Chieh Su
Human-Information Interaction in Time-Critical Settings: Information Needs and Use in the Emergency Room, Aleksandra Sarcevic
Information Seeking and Source Selection Among ePatients: Findings from the HINTS 2005, Kyunghye Kim, Nahyun Kwon
11:45 Awards Luncheon
2:15 Tagging and Social Networks: The Impact of Communities on User-Centered Tagging (SIGs TAG, KM, CR), Heather D. Pfeiffer, Qiping Zhang, Emma Tonkin, Edward M. Corrado, Andrea Resmini Seeking Knowledge in a Social World: Epistemological Pathways (SIG USE), Eric Meyers, Theresa Anderson, Olof Sundin, Kris Unsworth North American Information Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa (NAIISA): Social Computing Environments and Implications (SIG III), Kendra Albright, Johannes Britz, Wallace Koehler Student Award Winning Papers (SIG/ED)
Barbara Wildemuth
Effects of Context on Biomedical Data Reuse (SIG MED), Melissa Cragin, Leonard D'Avolio, W. John MacMullen, Catherine Arnott Smith
4:00 Transaction Log Analysis
Mining Web Search Behaviors: Strategies and Techniques for Data Modeling and Analysis, Peling Wang, Ningning Hong, Lei Wu, Craig Canevit, Daniel Redmon, Dietmar Wolfram, Jin Zhang
Collection-Level User Searches in Federated Digital Resource Environment, Oksana Zavalina
Modeling Web Session Behvavior Using Cluster Analysis: A Comparison of Three Search Settings, Dietmar Wolfram, Peiling Wang, Jin Zhang
Impacts of Technology
Tools of the Trade: Drugs, Law and Mobile Phones, Rhonda N. McEwen
Fully Mobile Wirelessly Connected Technology Applications: Organizational Communication, Social and Information Challenges, Shuhua (Monica) Liu, Kristene Unsworth, Raya Fidel, Hans J. (Jochen) Scholl
Redefining the Digital Divide: Attitudes Do Matter!, Helen Partridge
5th Global Information Village Plaza - MySpace, OurSpace: Social Networking in the International Arena (SIGs III, BWP), Aaron Bowen, Amanda Wilson Social Software
End-User Collection Building Behavior in Flickr, Besiki Stvilia, Corinne Jorgensen
Public Bookmarks and Private Benefits: An Analysis of Incentives in Social Computing, Rick Wash, Emilee Rader
ChatterCrop: Reaping the Benefits of Online Product Reviews, Nikhil Sharma, Tapan Khopkar, Jahna Otterbacher

Problems with the Distribution of Health and Medical Information (SIGs KM, MED), Catherine Arnott Smith, Tim Patrick, Paula Rhyner, Deborah Swain, Leonard Davolio, Ted Morris (moderator)
5:30 Annual Business Meeting (all welcome)
8:00 SIG CON Tag Me!  SIG CON 33.0
Wednesday, Oct. 24
8:30 Next-Generation Catalog: Prototypes and Prospects (SIGs DL, LT), Chip Nilges, Andrew Pace, David Lindahl, Christina Meyer, Pascal Calarco (moderator) Standards/Restrictions/
Humanitarian Relief Standards as Information Policy, Randall B. Kemp
Can I Email This? The Use Restrictions Found in Licensed Digital Library Resources, Kristin R. Eschenfelder
Three of the Four FRBR Group 1 Entity Types Are Roles, Not Types, Allen Renear, David Dubin
Blogs and Wikis in the Corporate World (SIGs MGT, BWP), Christina Pikas, Jessica Baumgart, Jack Vinson, Jordan Frank Digital Libraries
Digital Libraries and Human Values: Human-Computer Interaction Meets Social Informatics, Kenneth R. Fleischmann
Digital Images in American and Canadian Dentistry Education: Second-Stage Needs Assessment, Stephen Paling, Melissa Miszkiewicz, June Abbas
Types of Help-Seeking Situations for Novice Users of Digital Libraries: A Preliminary Study, Hong (Iris) Xie, Colleen Cool
Information Retrieval
Using Support Vector Machines for Automatic New Topic Identification, Seda Ozmutlu, H. Cenk Ozmutlu
Folksonomy and Information Retrieval, Isabella Peters, Wolfgang G. Stock
Effects of Different Field Weights on Search Performances in Digital Libraries: A Preliminary Study, Xiangmin Zhang, Gerry Grenier, Mehul Trivedi, Douglass Gischlar
10:30 Plenary Session:  Clifford Lynch, CNI
1:30 Web Log Analysis, Bernard Jansen, Suresh Bhavnani, G. Craig Murray, Amanda Spink, Dietmar Wolfram Identifying Best Practices and Skills for Workforce Development in Data Curation, P. Bryan Heidorn, Helen Tibbo Understanding Information Work in Large-Scale Social Content Creation Systems (SIGs DL, BWP), Besiki Stvilia, Phoebe Ayers, Dan Cosley, Noriko Hara, Prina Shachaf, Linda Smith, Michael Twidale Social Capital 2.0: New ICTs and New Social Forms (SIGs KM, CRIT), Ronald E. Day, Claire McInerney, Joseph T. Tennis, Anna-Karin Totterman, Gunilla Widen-Wulff, Steve Wright Behaviors and Preferences of Digital Natives: Informing a Research Agenda (SIGs USE, DL), Marie L. Radford, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Linda Z. Cooper, Kara Reuter, Nan Zhou, Denise Agosto
3:30 Searching
Spanish Web Searching Tools: An Exploratory Study, Miguel Morales-Arroyo, Yun-Ke Chang, Gabriel Sanchez-Guerrero, Amanda Spink
Verification of Information Behavioral Grammar: Role of Searchers, Makiko Miwa
Best-Answer Selection Criteria in a Social Q&A site from the User-Oriented Relevance Perspective
Soojung Kim, Jung Sun Oh, Sanghee Oh
An Analysis of Searchers Perceptions of Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Links Using Nested Design, Ying Zhang, Bernard Jansen
Using Field Co-Citation Analysis to Assess Reciprocal and Shared Impact of LIS/MIS Fields, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Jean A. Pratt
All-Author vs. First-Author Co-Citation Analysis of the Information Science Field Using Scopus, Dangzhi Zhao, Andreas Strotmann
Mapping the Intellectual Impact of Library and Information Science Schools: A Tale of Two Databases - Scopus and Web of Science, Lokman I. Meho, Cassidy R. Sugimoto
Complexity and Value of Managing in the Digital Environment (SIG MGT), Maureen Mackenzie, Don Turnbull, Brian Detlor  Social Capital and Information Science Research (SIGs IFP, SI, CRIT, HFIS), Catherine A.  Johnson, Douglas Raber, Paul T. Jaeger, Kate Williams  
6:00 President's Reception

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