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Analysis of Eye-tracking on Students Searching for Information in a Heterogeneous Resource Web Portal

Jason Holmes and Heather Bryan

(Submission #95)


This short paper will present an overview of eye-tracking metrics and present an analysis of eye-tracking data collected from 38 students (4th – 12th grade) searching a pre-release version of a heterogeneous resource web portal called SchoolRooms®. Eye-tracking opens a whole new horizon of questions about human-computer interaction, particularly in information seeking and using. In combination with already established user observation techniques, it is now possible to triangulate the conscious motivation of users with the perceptual data provided by eye-tracking. We can do more than ask people what they are looking at, we can see what they are looking at. Other methods are still needed to help determine why a person is looking at a particular spot, or what they are thinking as they move around an interface, but eye-tracking provides the answer to “where are they looking?”.


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