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Five Weeks to a Social Library: Training Underserved Professional Populations with Social Software

Michelle Boule, Karen Coombs, Amanda Etches-Johnson, Meredith Farkas, Ellyssa Kroski and Dorothea Salo

(Submission #5)


Despite the unquestioned need for librarians of all stripes to update their skills during their careers, many librarians do not have access to formal training venues such as conferences, continuing-education programs, and even some high-priced, high-bandwidth Internet-based learning. Rural librarians (both public and academic), community-college librarians, and K-12 school librarians are commonly underserved. To see how best Internet-based learning could serve this population, the authors combined commonly-available free and open-source technologies into "Five Weeks to a Social Library" (<>) an Internet-based workshop on social software specifically targeted at underserved professionals.

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