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Information-Seeking Behavior of Mongolian Scholars

Borchuluun Yadamsuren and Douglas Raber

(Submission #39)


Information-seeking behavior of academic scholars has been the focus of inquiry within the library and information science community for decades. The vast majority of user studies carried out in developed countries are well documented and widely known. There were only a few studies on information needs and information seeking behavior of scholars in developing countries. This poster presents the preliminary results of the study on information needs and information seeking behavior of Mongolian scholars, which was conducted in the summer of 2006. It presents the design and the first set of findings of a mixed method study intended to identify information needs and information seeking behavior of Mongolian scholars and explore options for meeting these needs. Specific goals of the inquiry are to determine how they find necessary information about the latest advances in their respective disciplines and that supports their research tasks; their preferred format for the literature to appear; the language they prefer the literature to be in; what services and resources they expect from libraries; what barriers they encounter to get necessary information for their research activities. In-depth interview and survey were used as the main research methods for this study. 17 researchers from various research institutions from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences were interviewed and 134 researchers responded to the survey. To increase reliability of the study, about 15 librarians were interviewed about the usage of library and resources by Mongolian scholars.


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