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The Current situation of Faculty Participation in Institutional Repositories ------A Study of 40 DSpace implementations supporting IRs

Hong Xu

(Submission #32)


Institutional Repositories (IR) are “digital collections capturing and preserving the intellectual output of a single or multi-university community” (Crow, 2002). It can provide open access to digital collections and long-term preservation services. Self-archiving is the main method of IRs’ collection development. Faculty members are main content providers.

The purpose of this study is to learn the current situation of faculty participation in IRs which is described by average faculty participation rate in IRs. The faculty participation rate is the proportion of faculty members who at least have one documents deposited in an IR to the total number of faculty members in the university that owns the IR. The study also learns the average size of IRs. The size of an IR is measured by the total number of items in the repository.

The author studied 40 DSpace implementations supporting IRs in American that are listed in DSpace Federation website as of October 2006. The result shows the average number of items per archive is about 3222 with the median of 921, and for 38 DSpace cases the average faculty participation rate is about 4.6% per archive with a median of 1.9%. So the now the faculty participation in IRs is still in the early stage.

According to this situation, the author gives some suggestions for encouraging faculty participation: getting supports form the university; promote IRs effectively; introducing IRs to small communities first; encouraging early adoption by incentives.


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