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Reflective Practice of Librarians in Electronic Reserves: A Study of Sources of Copyright Knowledge

Jomkwan Jom Polparsi

(Submission #28)


This pilot study explores sources of copyright knowledge librarians use when dealing with requests from faculty to create electronic reserves. The study aims to understand how reflective practitioners confront challenges in making electronic reserves decisions both in terms of selecting sources of knowledge about copyright and e-reserves and creating new sources of information. The study employs a qualitative, naturalistic data collection methodology and an inductive data analysis methodology. To date, three librarians have been interviewed. The study employs Schonís theory of reflective practice as a sensitizing theoretical framework to help understand the processes librarians employ when making decisions about how to fulfil electronic reserves requests. The findings point to both formal and informal sources librarians use in dealing with requests and to the resources librarians use for copyright related professional development. The findings also suggest that reflection links knowledge that the librarians have accumulated from the sources they use to knowledge implementation in real practice. According to the findings, in order to understand library practice, and the creation and use of sources for copyright knowledge, it is important to explore social and institutional cues embedded in the real world practice. Future in-depth research may provide a resource for the design of librariansí professional development programs to support copyright knowledge education for library and information professionals.


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