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Tagging & Utility: The affects of social tagging on a collaborative task

Vanesa Mirzaee, Lee Iverson and Samia Khan

(Submission #113)


This poster describes an experiment (in progress) in which we study the effects of integrating a social tagging model into an existing work-related/task-oriented application; a Web 2.0 case study repository and cross-case analysis application. In this study, we will study the utility of the application as well as the users’ behavioral patterns in order to have a better understanding of (1) how users utilize a tagging model to manage their personal and social information space, (2) the users’ behavioral patterns as they classify, explore, retrieve, and share the information utilizing tagging models and how this differs from a non-social tagging model, (3) the impact a social tagging model in the quality of the work that the users’ produce.


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