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Information seeking and use of low-level students

Jin Soo Chung and Jinmook Kim

(Submission #107)


A few studies have reported how students by different age groups access, evaluate, and use information in schools. This study focuses on information seeking and use of high school students with low academic level, in order to address more specific needs of students. We examined: (1) what are the cognitive and emotional difficulties students with low level skills present as they access, evaluate, and use information for their class project? (2) How do the teacherís instructional strategies affect studentsí information seeking and use? (3) How does the information system used meet the needs of low-level students? Seven students in an 11th grade Remedial Education Program class in American Literature and Composition participated in this study. Using the qualitative research framework in constructivist paradigm, this study employed interactive and comprehensive observation, individual interviews with selected students, the teacher, and the library media specialist, and collection of studentsí documents. The data collected are currently being analyzed with a help of QSR Nvivo. The findings of this study will shed light on issues related to low-level studentsí information seeking and use. The study not only contributes to a body of research on studentsí information seeking and use but also adds practical dimensions on designing information literacy instructions for low-level students.


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