Milwaukee, WIASIS&T 2007 Annual Meeting
Joining Research and Practice:
Social Computing and Information Science

October 19-24, 2007  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hyatt Regency
333 West Kilbourn Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53203
Tel: (414) 276-1234


Presenting posters of new and promising work is an exciting way to be involved with the conference.  Presenters will have the opportunity to show off their research and design projects in a briefly worded and attractive display where they’ll receive immediate feedback from conference attendees in an informal setting. Authors click here to view poster format and instructions.  

Poster Session I
Monday, Oct. 22, 8:30am-12:00noon

  1. Elaine Ménard and Clément Arsenault: Study on the Influence of Vocabularies used for Image Indexing in a Multilingual Retrieval Environment 

  2. Yi Shen: Digital Information and Communication Networks and Scientific Research Substance – An Investigation of Meteorology

  3. Michelle Boule, Karen Coombs, Amanda Etches-Johnson, Meredith Farkas, Ellyssa Kroski and Dorothea Salo: Five Weeks to a Social Library: Training Underserved Professional Populations with Social Software

  4. Ebrahim Randeree and Lorri Mon: Web 2.0 : A New Dynamic in Information Services for Libraries 

  5. Sharon Stoerger: I’m Not a Doctor, but I Play One on the Web: Credibility, Funding, and Interactivity Features on Health Organization Websites

  6. Laurie Bonnici and Kathleen Burnett: Disambiguation and Anticipatory Socialization in a Mid-E-Society: The Role of the Decision Impact System

  7. JungWon Yoon: Finding Images Expressing Emotional, Affective, Abstract, and Symbolic Meaning

  8. Bradley Wade Bishop: Spatial Analysis of the Federal-State Cooperative System’s Public Library Statistics

  9. Daniel Alemneh,, Mark Phillips and Dreanna Belden: Integrating Controlled Vocabularies into Cultural Heritage Digital Collections: the Portal to Texas History Experience

  10. Miriam Matteson: The Impact of Group Interaction on Shared Cognition: An Analysis of Small Group Communication

  11. Jomkwan Jom Polparsi: Reflective Practice of Librarians in Electronic Reserves: A Study of Sources of Copyright Knowledge

  12. Randall B. Kemp: Revising Place-Code Schemes for Humanitarian Relief 

  13. Anindita Paul: Animations and its Affect on Attention

  14. Hong Xu: The Current situation of Faculty Participation in Institutional Repositories ------A Study of 40 DSpace implementations supporting IRs

  15. Olof Sundin and Jutta Haider: Debating Information Control in Web 2.0: The Case of Wikipedia vs. Citizendium

  16. Andrea Japzon and Denise Agosto: Exploration of the Motivation for and Knowledge of Preservation Practices for Personal Digital Artifacts

  17. EunKyung Chung and William E. Moen: The Semantics of Semantic Interoperability: A Two-Dimensional Approach for Investigating Issues of Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries

  18. Borchuluun Yadamsuren and Douglas Raber: Information-Seeking Behavior of Mongolian Scholars

  19. Ming-Hsin Chiu: What Does a Newcomer Digital Librarian Need to Know? Exploring Organizational Socialization of Newcomer Digital Librarians in Academic Libraries

  20. Jack Maness: The Power of Dots: Using Nonverbal Compensators in Chat Reference

  21. Joan Cherry, Wendy Duff and Luanne Freund: Usability beyond the interface: designing a portal for text analysis

Poster Session II
Monday, Oct. 22, 1:30pm-5:00pm

  1. Eun-Young Yoo and Kyung-Sun Kim: Connecting" or "Disconnecting": Understanding undergraduates’ social networking Websites and media use

  2. Jin Ha Lee and Allen Renear: How Incorrect Information Delivers Correct Search Results: A Pragmatic Analysis of Queries

  3. Jennifer Burke and Sandra Hughes-Hassell: Public Library Websites for Teenagers: How Are They Addressing the Consumer Health Information Needs of Today's Teens?

  4. Hyekyung Kim, Miguel Ruiz and Lorna Peterson: Usability and Effectiveness Evaluation of a Course-Advising Chat Bot

  5. Kim Holmberg and Isto Huvila: The Second Life of Library and Information Science Education: Learning Together Apart

  6. Jihyun Kim: Faculty Self-Archiving Behavior: Factors Affecting the Decision to Self-Archive

  7. Stephanie Haas, Debbie Travers, Anna Waller and Jacob Kramer-Duffield: What is an Event? Domain Constraints for Temporal Analysis of Chief Complaints and Triage Notes

  8. Wooseob Jeong: Spatial perception of blind people by auditory maps on a tablet P

  9. Yin Zhang and Athena Salaba: User Research and Testing of FRBR Prototypes and Systems

  10. Lorri Mon and Bradley Wade Bishop: The Geography of Virtual Questioning: Mapping Florida’s Ask-a-Librarian Service

  11. Bonnie MacKay and Carolyn Watters: An Examination of Multi-Session Web Tasks

  12. Mia Liza Lustria, Juliann Cortese, Linda Brown, Rick Davis, Victoria Mahabi, Beom Jun Bae and Kristina Plotnikova: All Computer-Tailored Online Health Interventions are Not Created Equal

  13. Lorraine F. Normore and Michelle Garret: Models of information organization: a case study

  14. Terrell Russell: Tag Decay: A View Into Aging Folksonomies

  15. Jennifer Graham and June Abbas: Tagging the Tags... Process, Observations and Analysis of Conversations in Metatagging at an ASIST Interactive Poster Session

  16. Karen Baker and Florence Millerand: Scientific Information Infrastructure Design: Interdependent Provinces and Knowledge Environments 

  17. Bharat Mehra and Dania Bilal: International Students’ Information Needs and Use of Technology

  18. Ingbert Floyd and Allen Renear: What Exactly is an Item in the Digital World?

  19. Terrell Russell and Frederic Stutzman: Self-Representation of Online Identity in Collected Hyperlinks

  20. Yong-Mi Kim: A Preliminary Social Network Analysis of MPACT

Poster Session III
Tuesday, Oct. 23, 8:30am-12:00noon

  1. Catherine A. Johnson and Dyan E. Barbeau: Social capital and the public library: Investigating the relationship

  2. Nadia Caidi, Danielle Allard and Chiu Luk: Locating Public Libraries in a Multicultural City: A Spatial Mismatch? 

  3. Trudi Bellardo Hahn: Patterns and Outcomes of Federal Agency Funding for Libraries and Information Science 

  4. Matthew S. Mayernik, Jillian C. Wallis and Christine L. Borgman: Adding Context to Content: The CENS Deployment Center 

  5. Robert J. Sandusky, Carol Tenopir and Margaret M. Casado: Uses of Figures and Tables from Scholarly Journal Articles in Teaching and Research

  6. Robert J. Sandusky, Carol Tenopir and Margaret M. Casado: Figure and Table Retrieval from Scholarly Journal Articles: User Needs for Teaching and Research

  7. Hyuk-Jin Lee and Diane Neal: Toward Web 2.0 music information retrieval: Utilizing emotion-based, user-assigned descriptors

  8. Jason Holmes and Heather Bryan: Analysis of Eye-tracking on Students Searching for Information in a Heterogeneous Resource Web Portal

  9. Eric Meyers: Bridging Social and Private Interactions: Collaborative Information Seeking and Retrieval in Learning Contexts

  10. Youngok Choi, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee and Bill Kules: Searching for Books and Images in OPAC: Effects of LCSH, TOC and Subject Domains

  11. Margaret Kipp: Tagging and Findability: Do Tags Help Users Find Things?

  12. Yan Qu and Jun Zhang: Understanding the Sharing of Rival Information: A Simulation Approach

  13. Jin Soo Chung and Jinmook Kim: Information seeking and use of low-level students

  14. Zhiwu Xie, Herbert Van de Sompel, Johann van Reenen and Ramiro Jordán: A Standard-Based Context Sensitive Service Architecture for Digital Object Dissemination

  15. Xiaoya Tang and Bryan Heidorn: The Loss of Domain Knowledge in User Search Queries: A Query Log Analysis of a Botanical Retrieval System

  16. Ray R. Larson and Michael K. Buckland: Browsing with a Metadata Infrastructure for Events, Periods, and Time

  17. Vanesa Mirzaee, Lee Iverson and Samia Khan: Tagging & Utility: The affects of social tagging on a collaborative task

  18. Brenda Dervin and CarrieLynn D Reinhard: Predicting Library, Internet and Other Source Use: A Comparison of the Predictive Power of Two User-Defined Categorizations of Information Seeking