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Modeling task-based information seeking on the Web: application of an information seeking strategy schema

Jeonghyun Kim

(Submission #39)


The purpose of this study was to understand how task influences information seeking behavior in the digital information environment of the World Wide Web. To present a conceptual model of task-based information seeking on the Web, an information seeking strategy schema was developed. This schema is based on several behavioral dimensions. The analysis of strategies is based on data collected through an experiment designed to observe users’ behaviors. Three tasks were assigned to thirty graduate students. Data were collected by combining search logs and post-search interviews. As a result, this study proposed a model of information seeking behavior consisting of fourteen different types of information seeking strategy. Further, it showed significant differences in the frequency of information seeking strategies employed by subjects between tasks. The transition pattern of information seeking strategies clearly suggest that there is a relationship between the different kinds of task and information seeking behavior.The results of the study were discussed to understand task-based information seeking behavior on the Web and to suggest their implications for the design of Web as an information system.



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