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Panel: Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) Standards (Standards Committee and SIG CR)

Marcia Zeng, Margie Hlava, Jian Qin, Gail Hodge and Denise Bedford

(Submission #9)


Knowledge organization systems (KOS), such as classification schemes, gazetteers, lexical databases, taxonomies thesauri, and ontologies, contribute to the foundation of a whole new generation of websites, intranets, portals, document management systems, and other web-based services. While the digital environment offers more possibilities of presenting information from different interests and discourses, the challenge is as much intellectual as technical when we want to develop KOS that are useful and meaningful for the end-users operating in complex, interdisciplinary knowledge domains.

This panel will provide an update of national and international standards that relate to the development and encoding of KOS in the digital environment. The newly published U.S. standard Z39.19 covers a wide range of KOS types, including pick lists, synonym rings, taxonomies, and thesauri. The on-going five-parts British standard touches thesauri and other structured vocabularies for information retrieval, such as classification schemes, business classification schemes for records management, taxonomies, subject heading schemes, and ontologies. Beyond these content standards, encoding standards developed at W3C will also be introduced in this session, including SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System), a set of specifications supporting the use of KOS within the framework of the Semantic Web, and OWL Web Ontology Language. The panel will also initiate a discussion regarding the implementation of these standards in government, not-for-profit, and industry projects, especially the use of these standards and their integration with other standards, such as ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registries (MDR) standard.


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