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5th Global Information Village Plaza – MySpace, OurSpace: Social Networking in the International Arena (SIG/III and SIG/BWP)

Aaron Bowen and Amanda Wilson

(Submission #55)


Building on the success of the previous 2002-2006 Global Information Village Plazas, the 2007 Plaza maintains its successful interactive symposium format, allowing ASIS&T members an opportunity to express their personal views about the challenges and opportunities the information society represents in their personal and professional lives.

The discussion will focus on social networking websites, looking specifically at social networking services from different countries and how their characteristics and use change according to the country or culture in which they are situated. For example, in different cultures these services may be more or less representative of a personal voice, may encourage or discourage commenting on a thought, and may encourage or discourage networking with strangers.

This topic relates specifically to the theme of this year’s Meeting – Social Computing and Information Science – in that social networking websites and services will continue to become a major vehicle for information sharing between people. Such sharing of information is informed by social and cultural worldviews, thus the characteristics and uses of information (and the social networking services conveying that information) are of interest to LIS professionals in that they serve socioculturally diverse groups of patrons who maintain different instruments for receiving information. This topic touches upon these points of discussion in particular:

• How and what to study in understanding people’s behaviors in web 2.0? Are there significant behavioral or attitudinal changes?

• Is the information world getting flatter? What can we learn from perspectives outside of the United States?

• How are all the new trends in social computing affecting information science education?

This year’s Plaza will continue to use the SIG-III blog to facilitate discussion on the Plaza topic, thereby expanding ASIS&T’s circle of interaction to information professionals unable to attend the Meeting. SIG-III will partner with SIG-BWP to present this interactive discussion.



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