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Tagging and Social Networks: The Impact of Communities on User Centered Tagging (SIG TAG, SIG KM and SIG CR)

Heather D. Pfeiffer, Qiping Zhang, Emma Tonkin, Edward M. Corrado and Andrea Resmini

(Submission #21)


The panel will discuss tagging of documents in the context of social networks. This discussion will include to what extent and in what manner users, consciously or unconsciously, take into account their communities when assigning tags. Likewise, the panel will investigate to what extent the community influences tagging behavior, and if this influence helps or hinders search and retrieval or affects the context of the tags generated.

The topic areas proposed for this conference panel are: Context of Social Network Metadata: Do users tag for the group(s) of people they associate with? Metadata use: Do small communities have a stable use of terminology? Search and retrieval: How do tags relate to metadata searches and contextual retrievals? Social Network Architecture: To what extent, if any, does community membership influence tagging behavior?

Questions that will be discussed among panelists and with the audience will focus on the social network part of the difficulty of dealing with tags. Within a community, is it possible to decide whether to interpret a tag or just treat it as a primary key or keyword?



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