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Social computing, folksonomies, and image tagging: Reports from the research front

Samantha Hastings, Hemalata Iyer, Diane Neal, Abebe Rorissa and JungWon Yoon

(Submission #15)


Today, the World Wide Web contains a vast collection of multimedia information sources which are mainly created and published by individuals. Image and video sharing services such as Flickr and YouTube pose new challenges in multimedia information indexing and retrieval and demand dynamic sets of solutions. Individuals are not just users but creators and indexers of multimedia information sources through activities such as tagging. Taxonomies and folksonomies based on user generated tags and descriptions of images are gaining popularity. Therefore, how to incorporate users’ tags into the process of indexing and retrieval needs urgent attention. Presenters on this panel will report results from various studies on image tagging and descriptions by people and provide recommendations for improving image indexing and retrieval system design.

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