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Problems with the Distribution of Health and Medical Information (SIG KM and SIG MED)

Catherine Smith, Tim Patrick, Paula Rhyner, Deborah Swain and Leonard Davolio

(Submission #13)


According to many experts in the field of medicine, there is potential for a crisis in the collection and distribution of patient records and community health. In the 1990s the introduction of HIPAA (Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act) regulations protected individual privacy, but the need for social computing, collaboration, and sharing of data about bird flu, for example, is changing information practices. Social networking groups, such as communities of practice (CoP) made up of health and medical professionals, are growing with the spread of communicative diseases, viruses and pandemic flu. Applying research tools, health projects in pediatrics are creating communication maps for all stakeholders (care providers, parents, program managers, and researchers). This panel looks at both research and applications in the field of informatics as practiced in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices.


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