ASIS&T 2006 Annual Meeting

SIG HCI Research Symposium: Human Computer Interaction in Information Intensive Environments
Half Day Seminar, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006, 8:30am-12:00noon (separate fee)  

Call for Papers and Posters

Perhaps the single development that has most affected the way in which the world accesses, examines and uses information is the computer and the use of interactive technologies. Unlike the interactivity coupled with ATMs, online ticket purchasing and accounting systems, the interactivity associated with information-intensive environments demands complex tools, innovative forms of interaction, and novel ways of visualizing and representing content. In this context, the study of human computer interaction (HCI) is unique due to the focus on interactions among people, content and systems. This half-day Symposium aims to rejuvenate the use and study of HCI within the information science context.

The symposium will start with a review of current challenges and developments by a panel of experts in the field of HCI in information-intensive environments. Next, several participants will have an opportunity to present their research in 15-minute presentations. A poster session will follow. The symposium will end with an award for the best poster and lunch.

Submissions are welcome in two categories:

1. Research papers: 3-4 pages (1,500-2,000 words)
2. Research posters: 1-2 pages (750-1,000) words

In both categories submissions should describe results from completed or ongoing research projects related to the scope of the symposium.

Submissions should be emailed to by September 10, 2006; applicants will be notified by September 22. Accepted submissions will be posted to the SIG-HCI website.

Participants must register with ASIS&T for the Symposium. Early registration for ASIS&T ends on September 22, 2006. 

Program and Organizing Committee:
Luanne Freund, University of Toronto, Canada Bernard J. (Jim) Jansen, The Pennsylvania State University, United States Amanda Spink, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Elaine Toms (, Dalhousie University, Canada 
Anita Komlodi (, University of Maryland, United States

Members $45, non-members $55, before Sept. 22
Members $55, non-members $70, after Sept. 22
This half day course does not qualify for a $75 discount