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Search Result Visualization (Panel)

Dr. Chaomei Chen, Dr. Brad Eden, Dr. Sherry Koshman, Dr. Linn Marks, Collins, Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn

ASIS&T Annual Meeting - 2006 (ASIS&T 2006)
Austin, Texas, November 3-9, 2006


Search Result Visualization Panel

The application of information visualization to information retrieval (IR) has resulted in innovative applications developed in research and operational environments. Visualization-based IR systems visually depict search result sets, show relationships between search result items and illustrate relationships between users’ queries and resulting search sets. These cutting edge tools are now available for Web-based retrieval, components of online public access catalogs and other commercial applications. Given the spectrum of information in Web-based repositories, digital libraries and other sources, how can visualization tools assist in information retrieval and what are some of the current technologies available? This session brings together research and practice to discuss current state-of-the-art topics including: 1) an overview of information visualization; 2) user interaction research with web-based information visualization systems; 3) applications for libraries; and 4) commercial visualization-based information technologies. Panel members will synthesize key technological research concepts that have pragmatic implications for the development and application of information visualization tools in library and information environments.

Domain Visualization, Information Retrieval and Ecological Systems of Information Analysis

This presentation will start with a few examples of a domain visualization of the evolution of information retrieval and highlight trends and thematic changes in terms of the interrelationship between information visualization technology and information retrieval. In addition, the presentation will address the needs, challenges, and implications of perceiving information retrieval as an integral component of an ecological system of information analysis and decision making. Finally, I will introduce the emerging field of visual analytics and its value as a broader context for visual information retrieval.

Information Visualization: Techniques, Concepts and Case Studies

This presentation will provide an general overview of this topic, showing some interesting examples from two books written by the author on this topic (3D Visualization Techniques, and Innovative Digital Projects in the Humanities, both published by ALA TechSource, 2005).

Information Visualization and the User Perspective

A basic question arises when examining information visualization systems: can people use them? This presentation examines user interaction research with visualization-based information retrieval systems. Some of the perceptual and cognitive theory supporting visualization approaches will be explored as well as issues surrounding usability testing in this area. Examples of visualization systems currently available on the web will be reviewed and an agenda for future research that will enhance our understanding of visualization system design for information retrieval will be presented.

Information Visualization and Large-Scale Repositories

As digital libraries and repositories grow in size and complexity, sifting through the content becomes more difficult for users. Two information visualization tools that help users sift through subsets of repository content in the form of search results and continuously updated search results delivered as information feeds will be described. Implications for the role of information visualization in the evolution of repositories will be addressed.

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