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Personal Pregnancy Health Records (PregHeR): Facets to Interface Design

Sanghee Oh, Laura Sheble, and Songphan Cheomprayong

ASIS&T Annual Meeting - 2006 (ASIS&T 2006)
Austin, Texas, November 3-9, 2006


Interest and research in personal health record (PHR) systems has recently increased, leading to the availability of a variety of PHR systems on the market that target everyone from the general public to disease-specific patient groups. Few studies, have dealt with PHR needs of families. No studies have specifically targeted pregnant women regarding PHR systems design despite increased interest in health matters exhibited by pregnant women. In this project, we first developed five facets - Apointment, Diary, Health Data, Finance, and Resources - of personal health information organization and management. We then incorporated two time visualization tools - calendars and timelines - to provide access to information based on time and content. The Agileviews framework of Marchionini, Geisler and Brunk was adopted to structure agile, multiple point access to information in the interface designs. The result is three distinct interface prototypes of the PregHeR system: Calendar View, Timeline I, and Timeline II. This project adds to current research in PHR systems design through the organization of information into content-based facets and by emphasizing personal user needs in the design of personal health record systems interfaces. Valuable extensions of this work could include adoption of the facets for use in other PHR applications and the development of a more comprehensive organizational system for PHRs based on the facets. The PregHeR interface design project could be extended through systems development, and the timeline interfaces could be adopted for time management applications in a variety of subject domains. PHR research would also benefit from user studies of systems based on these interfaces to evaluate specific behavioral and functional aspects of the interfaces.

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