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Interindexer consistency, term usage, and indexer experience levels in the application of image descriptors

Joan Beaduoin

ASIS&T Annual Meeting - 2006 (ASIS&T 2006)
Austin, Texas, November 3-9, 2006


Although images have become ubiquitous objects in the online environment concept-based image indexing is a topic which has seen relatively little research to date. This study examines concept-based image indexing from several vantage points. The main goal of this research concerns is to study and understand the affect of indexer experience levels on interindexer consistency regarding the choice of indexing terms. Owing to the importance of concept-based indexing for images, this study will provide critical information to the development of basic criteria for image indexing practices. Several groups of participants with varying degrees of image indexing and subject expertise will be studied through an interactive Web site which collects responses to a questionnaire and their assignment of indexing terms to a series of eight images. A questionnaire will gather information on indexer experience levels and basic demographic data, and an image component of the study will gather the indexing terms applied by the participants. Quantitative analysis will be conducted on the data resulting from the questionnaire, while qualitative methods will be employed for analyzing the indexing terms assigned by the participants. Further aspects to be examined in this study are the multiplicity of term types applied to images (generic description, identification, and interpretation) and the degree of indexing difficulty due to the subject content of the image. The results of this study will offer preliminary information to deepen our understanding of the role of indexer experience in image indexing, which in turn can be utilized to enhance access to digital collections of visual materials.

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