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A New Framework for the Citation Indexing Paradigm

Dimitris A. Dervos, Nikolaos Samaras, Georgios Evangelidis, and Theodore Folias

ASIS&T Annual Meeting - 2006 (ASIS&T 2006)
Austin, Texas, November 3-9, 2006


A new framework for the citation indexing paradigm is proposed in order to evaluate the scientific/research value of research publications (articles). A citation graph is constructed for a given article collection. The framework considers not only the citations made directly to an article, but also citations made to the corresponding citing article(s). In this respect, a new methodology is proposed that increases the degree of granularity of the citation indexing paradigm. Consequently, it becomes possible to achieve a higher degree of fairness in citation data analysis. When two articles have an equal number of (direct) citations, the one that has triggered more research activity (i.e. its citing articles attract a larger number of citations at subsequent levels in the citation graph) is considered to be of a higher scientific/research value.

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