ASIS&T 2006 Annual Meeting

Hilton Austin
500 E 4th Street, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 482-8000
$155 night (reserve by 10/13/06)

Leadership Development Program
Sunday, Nov. 5, 5:30pm (free, but you must register in advance)

"How to Moderate a Panel"

We will literally, simultaneously simulate and demonstrate "how to moderate a panel" through demonstration or "acting" as a moderated panel. The panel's purpose is to address the challenges, issues, and keys to success on "how to moderate a program panel." In turn, the moderator will demonstrate how to approach the various challenges that a moderator faces. 

Commentator: Trudi Bellardo Hahn
Moderator: KT Vaughan
Panelists: Nadia Caidi, Pascal Calarco, Abby Goodrum