ASIS&T 2006 Annual Meeting

Making Information Work
Full Day Seminar, Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006, 9:00am-5:00pm (separate fee)

We all know that information is a critical asset and should be a central concern of every organization. But how do you make that happen? Specifically, how do you bring an information perspective to your leaders and project teams? How do you go from the idea that information is important to a convincing argument that your organization should put significant resources into its creation and distribution? Furthermore, once you get past the argument and into the project, how do you make sure the project team follows through on the strategy you agreed to with your leaders. Project teams often get lost in technology and fatally neglect information. 

As an “Information Person” you have the opportunity to infuse both executives and project teams with an information perspective. This workshop will show you how. Using your own experience and the examples I provide, you will work through a strategy position that you can persuasively present to leaders and specific statements you can present to project teams to make sure they appropriately collect, manage and publish information. 

Bob Boiko, President, Metatorial Services, Inc.  Bob Boiko is founder and president of Metatorial Services Inc., and a faculty member of the University of Washington Information School. Bob sparked the creation, 2004, of CM Professionals, the first and only content management organization for practitioners.

Recognized world-wide as a leader in the field of content management, he has almost 20 years of experience designing and building Web, hypertext and multimedia systems and tools for some of the world's top technology corporations (including Microsoft, Motorola, and Boeing). Bob has sat on many advisory boards and is the Recipient of many awards including the 2005 EContent 100 award for leadership in the content management industry. He is author of two editions of "Content Management Bible" and the upcoming book "Laughing at the CIO: Leading Information Management in the Information Age." Bob is internationally known for his lectures and workshops.

Members $245, non-members $275, before Sept. 22
Members $275, non-members $305, after Sept. 22