ASIS&T 2006 Annual Meeting

Workshop on Blogs and Wikis:  How They Can Improve Conference Communications (SIGs DL, BWP, KM)
Half Day Seminar, Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006, 2:00pm-5:00pm (separate fee)

Sponsored by:  SIG Digital Libraries (DL), SIG Blogs/Wikis/Podcasting (BWP), SIG Knowledge Management (KM)

Blogs and Wikis are two interactive technologies that are transforming the way many people communicate. This workshop will provide an open discussion of how wikis and blogs can be used for conference related communication activities. Eight experienced early adopters of these technologies will present wikis and blogs they have developed for conferences, and will review additional blogs and wikis (including each others). After their presentations there will be an open discussion by all workshop participants about the pros and cons of wikis and blogs for improving conference communications. There will be ample time for workshop attendees to ask questions about the basics of setting up blogs and wikis as well as how best to utilize them for conferences. Workshop attendees are encouraged to share their own experiences and show their own wiki or blogs for conference type communications. 

The presenters will review wikis and blogs they have developed, including the preparation and development phase, the implementation, and review actual usage. They will conclude with what they thought worked well, and what didn’t, for their wiki/blog. Presentations will be made about the following wikis and blogs: 

Then open discussion will take place with all participants asking questions and helping review what the general success and failures of blogs and wikis are for conference communications. 

Lastly there will be time for participants to share their own work with other workshop members, and to ask “howto” questions of the presenters. Note—if you want to share your own wiki or blog please have it publicly accessible online so it can be shown during the workshop. 

Intended Audience
Anyone with an interest in blogs or wikis, and particularly people thinking about, or already using them for conferences or seminars. 

Bradley Hemminger
, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina

Meredith Farkas
, Norwich University
Jackson Fox,
Stephen Francoeur, Baruch College
Bradley Hemminger, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Charles Livermore, St. John's University
Heather Morrison, Simon Fraser University
Beatrice Pulliam, Providence College
Deborah Swain, North Carolina Central University 

Members $40, non-members $50, before Sept. 22 
Members $50, non-members $65, after Sept. 22
This half day course does not qualify for a $75 discount