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2005 Annual Meeting:
“Sparking Synergies: Bringing Research and Practice Together”

October 28 - November 2, 2005
Charlotte, North Carolina

                                                                   POSTERS                           Session (A)   Session (B)

Presenting posters of new and promising work is an exciting way to be involved with the conference.  Presenters will have the opportunity to show off their research and design projects in a briefly worded and attractive display where they’ll receive immediate feedback from conference attendees in an informal setting. Authors click here to view poster format and instructions.

Session (A): Users and Behavior [b] [w]
Monday, Oct. 31, 1:00-5:30pm
Authors present 3-3:30, 5-5:30

  1. Users’ Conceptual Structure, Search Process and Useful Information Types in the Retrieved References; Pertti Vakkari, Sami Serola, University of Tampere, Finalad, Middo Pennanen, University of Turku, Finland
  2. In Search of Learning and Knowing; Amy Tracy Wells
  3. Search History Tools for User Support in Information Retrieval Systems:  Results from an Iterative, User-Centered Process; Anita Komlodi, Manpreet Kaur, Tamas Komlodi, Win Khine
  4. Motivations and Uses:  An Evaluation of Users’ Use of a Chat Reference Service; Lili Luo and Jeffrey Pomerantz, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  5. Interrupted Cognition in an Undergraduate Programming Course; K. Wijekumar, P. Meidinger
  6. Experienced Web Users’ Search Behavior:  Effects of Focus and Emotion Control Factors; Kyung-Sun Kim, School of Library and Information Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison
  7. Semiotics and Sensemaking: Mapping the Relations; Dr. Myke Gluck
  8. Measuring Experienced Utility of Information Retrieval Systems:  Experimental Approach; Irene Lopatovska
  9. Work Roles, Tasks and the Information Behavior of Dentists; Carol F. Landry
  10. RoMEO Green at the University of Kansas: An Experiment to Encourage Interest and Participation Among Faculty and Jumpstart Populating the KU ScholarWorks Repository; Holly Mercer, Ada Emmett
  11. Social Networks of Information Seeking and Lifelong Learning:  The Case of Genealogists Exploring Their Irish Ancestry; Dr. Crystal Fulton
  12. Social Network Analysis Studies in the Public and Private Sectors: A Cross-Professional Comparison; Barbara A. Schultz-Jones, Janet R. MacPherson
  13. Engagement as Process in Computer-Mediated Environments; Heather L. O’Brien, Elaine G. Toms
  14. Preliminary Findings of the Inclusion of Document Retrieval Systems as Actors in a Social Network; Janet R. MacPherson
  15. Relevance Assessment as an Everyday Experience; Theresa Dirdorfer Anderson
  16. Berrypicking in the Real World:  A Wayfinding Perspective on Information Behavior Research; Christopher P. Lueg, Nicola J. Bidwell
  17. The Discourses of Appropriation: What Can We Learn From Laggards?; Lisa P. Nathan
  18. Technology, Tradition, and the Individual Talent:  Literary Authors and Aesthetic Use of Information Technology; Stephen Paling
  19. Assessing the Information Politics of Organizations; RIchard Reed
  20. Lost, Found, and Feeling Better: Exploring Proxy Health Information Behavior; Dr. Karen E. Fisher, Jennie A. Abrahamson, Anne G. Turner, Philipl M. Edwards, Joan C. Durrance
  21. Seattle Public Library as Place: Nonparametric Analyses of Community Perceptions and Attitudes; Phillip M. Edwards, Matthew L. Saxton, Karen E. Fisher, Jens-Erik Mai
  22. Measuring Mental Models: Rationales and Instruments; Yan Zhang, Peiling Wang
  23. Consolidating User Relevance Criteria: A Meta-Ethnography of Empirical Studies; Stephen Bales, Peiling Wang
  24. Metacognition and Information Searching in the Context of a Digital Library; Kyunghye Kim
  25. Win 2-1-1: The Development of Evaluation Measures of 2-1-1 I&R Systems; Dr. Matthew Saxton, Dr. Karen E. Fisher, Charles M. Naumer, Chris Pusateri
  26. Engaging the User: Co-Browsing at the Reference Desk; Richard E. Stern, Walsh Library, Seton Hall University
  27. Information-Seeking by Parents Regarding School Choice: An Application of the Sense-Making Approach; Charles M. Naumer, PhD Student, The Information School, University of Washington


Session (B): Information Science Issues and Practices  [b] [w]
Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1:00-6:30pm
Authors present 3-3:30, 4:30-5pm
  1. Web Hyperlink Profiles of News Sites:  A Comparison of Newspapers of USA, Canada, and China; Yijun Gao, Liwen Vaughan
  2. ASIS to ASIS&T:  Has There Been a Change in the Conference Content?; Maureen L. MacKenzie
  3. Consumer Health Digital Divide:  A Research Agenda for Studying Inequality in Online Health Information Access and Use; Jing Chong
  4. Artistic Aspects of Information Retrieval Systems; Guoliang Shi
  5. The Power of Selection:  Comparing Selection Practices for Web-Based Government Publications in State Depository Library Programs; Chi-Shiou Lin, Kristin R. Eschenfelder
  6. Automatic Subject Heading Assignment for Online Government Publications Using A Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Approach; Xiao Hu, Larry Jackson, Sai Deng, GuiXian Lin, Jing Zhang
  7. From Spam Filtering to Information Retrieval and Back: Seeking Conceptual Foundations for Spam Filtering; Christopher Lueg
  8. Research Classics and Citation Analyses; Peiling Wang, Jennifer Bownas
  9. Explorations in Bibliometric Historigraphy:  The (Re)Emergence of Neural Networks, 1980-1991; Katherine W. McCain
  10. Explorations in Bibliometric Historiography: C.H. Waddington and the Rise of Evolutionary Developmental Biology; Katherine W. McCain
  11. Automatic Evaluation of Credibility on the Web; Marcus Wassmer, Caroline M. Eastman
  12. Geographical Representation of Library Collections in WorldCat:  A Prototype; Clifton Snyder, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Lawrence Olszewski
  13. Interoperability Strategies for Scientific Cyberinfrastructure:  Research and Practice; Karen S. Baker, David Ribes, Florence Millerand, Geoffrey Bowker
  14. Four-Perspective Model for Metadata Requirements Engineering; Jung Sun Oh, Sheila O. Denn, Maria Christia Pattuelli
  15. Digital Resources for Dentistry Database:  A Needs Assessment; Stephen Paling, Melissa Miszkiewicz
  16. The Angiosperm Phylogeny Website - A Tool for Reference and Teaching in a Time of Change; Peter F. Stevens, Hilary M. Davis
  17. Policy Capturing Models for Multi-faceted Relevance Judgments; Xiaoli Huang, Ryen W. White
  18. Meeting the Demands of Digital Scholarship:  Challenges and Opportunities; Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Cathy Nelson Hartman, and Samantha K. Hastings
  19. The Emergence of Data Archiving Activities in Daily Scientific Practice: Preliminary Analysis of a Shared Neuroscience Data Repository; Melissa H. Cragin
  20. Automated Analysis of Database Usage Logs in a Metasearch Environment: The Library of Texas Experience; Faith Oguz, WIlliam E. Moen
  21. Toward Information Retrieval Web Services for Digital Libraries; Yeuyu Fu, Javed Mostafa, Weimao Ke
  22. Inter-database Annotation Linkages in Model Organism Databases; W. John MacMullen
  23. Information Science Practice in a Historical Perspective: Preliminary Findings in an Oral History Project; Ellen Pozzi, Marija Dalbello
  24. Metadata as Infrastructure:  What, Where, When, and Who; Michael K. Buckland, Ray R. Larson
  25. Trouble Ahead: Propositional Attitudes and Metadata; Allen Renear, Yunseon Choi
  26. The Effect of Document Readability on Perceived Familiarity and Relevance; Gheorghe Muresan, Lu Liu, Michael Cole, Catherine L. Smith, Nicholas J. Belkin
  27. An Annotation Paradigm:  The Social Hyperlink; Thomas Ciszek, Xin Fu
  28. Searching the “Deep: Web for Medical Information:  Reflections from a Healthcare Information Professional; Angela Heath
  29. Genre as Web Descriptor; Mark A. Rosso

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