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November 12-17, 2004
Providence, Rhode Island

“Managing and Enhancing Information:
Cultures and Conflicts”

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Taxonomies for Indexing - A Hands on Approach - Day One
Full Day Seminar, Friday, November 12, 2004, 9:00am-5:00pm (
separate fee)
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Built and deployed correctly, taxonomy is a guide to a Web site, especially the underlying database.  It improves searching by providing precise, relevant results to a search query.  How do you create one?  What is the workflow?  Who should do it?  How long does it take? 

Designed as two, standalone seminars, "Taxonomies for Indexing - A Hands on Approach" - Days One and Two can be taken together.  For those practitioners needing introductory, theoretical, practical, and more advanced immersion into this fascinating and ever more critical field, the full, two days would be well worthwhile. Executives, managers, and those with no prior experience with the topic should consider Day One. For those who have had prior exposure to taxonomies, taxonomy tools and indexing software, and who use them regularly should consider Day Two.

Day One opens with a working definition of taxonomy. Distinctions are made between key fundamental concepts including taxonomy, thesaurus, indexing, classification, and filtering.  Taxonomies in the workflow and how and where you implement taxonomies are introduced. The basics of a taxonomy record are presented along with fundamental taxonomy relationships and structure.  Seminar participants will engage in exercises designed to relate these concepts to best practices.  Core standards will be identified.  There will be ample time for attendees to ask questions and to interject their own issues and problems for review and discussion.  Taxonomy, indexing, and related software tools will be compared and demonstrated.


Jay Ven Eman, Ph.D., CEO, Access Innovations, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jay Ven Eman has been with Access Innovations since late 1978. He has been active in all aspects of its business. He has overseen Access' database production services where he was responsible for the design and conversion of large, legacy databases for a variety of government and commercial organizations.  He writes, gives workshops, consults, and helps build large-scale, complex, information rich databases.  He has presented papers and workshops at ASIS&T, SLA, ASIDIC, InternetWorld, Online - London, AGSI - Netherlands, and many others. Before joining Access, he worked for the University of New Mexico at the Technology Applications Center, operated under a contract from NASA.  He specialized in technology transfer and information dissemination of space technology to the commercial arena.  He received his Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Alice Redmond-Neal, M.S., Senior Editor, Chief Lexicographer, and Data Harmony Training Manager, Access Innovations, Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Since 1995 when Alice Redmond-Neal joined Access Innovations, she has been involved in editorial activity for over 30 projects, including development of knowledge domains, abstracting, indexing, mapping and conversion of data to alternate formats; produced over 20 thesauri in subject areas ranging from technical to general interest topics; and acquired responsible for training clients and coworkers in the use of Data Harmony content management software.  As a member of the Data Harmony marketing team she has been a Company representative at industry conferences, demonstrator of Data Harmony software for prospective clients and for library school faculty and students, and contributor to marketing and sales planning and activities, including development of presentations for company websites and sales proposals.  She has published papers and presented workshop and papers at ASIS&T, SLA, and other venues.

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$50 discount if you register for both Taxonomy classes (Friday and
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