Association for Information Science and Technology

Annual Meeting
November 12-17, 2004
Providence, Rhode Island

“Managing and Enhancing Information:
Cultures and Conflicts”

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Leadership Development Program Leading Successful Volunteer Projects
Sunday, November 14, 2004, 5:00-6:30pm (free)

Non-profits, educational institutions, and many other types of organization rely on volunteers to achieve their missions.  At the same time, volunteer-based projects are a challenge to pull off. This interactive session will draw on experiences from audience members and examples from the recent redesign of the ASIS&T website.  We will examine volunteering, leading, and success (and even projects) in order to discover some simple but effective philosophies and strategies to make you a better leader - and a better volunteer. 


Stacy Surla
Stacy Surla led the redesign of the ASIS&T website and is planning committee chair for the 2005 Information Architecture Summit. Her history as a volunteer crosses decades and disciplines, and includes co-founding the Rosebud independent film and video festival, managing fundraising for the DC Arts Center, co-chairing the Foundation for Mid-East Communication, serving as briefing leader for the Hunger Project, starting a crimewatchers program in Haight-Asbury, and organizing a neighborhood circus. Ms. Surla is an Information Architect for MITRE.

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