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National Security Policies: Implications for Information Flow and Scholarly Exchange (SIG III, IFP)

Lee Strickland, J.D., Shelly Warwick, Brian Cantwell Smith, Michel Menou, Don Kraft, Moderator: Nadia Caidi

Presented at ASIST 2004 Annual Meeting; "Managing and Enhancing Information: Cultures and Conflicts" (ASIST AM 04), Providence, Rhode Island, November 13 - 18, 2004


This panel will examine the impact of national security policies post 9/11 and their impact on the exchange of scholarly information. Panel members will be sought from various perspectives (government representatives, scholarly publishing world, and possibly a scholar whose work did not get published because of the embargo). Moreover, we will bring an international perspective on the issue by inviting speakers to present the situation in various parts of the world (Canada, Europe, South Africa).

The topics addressed will include: - Ban on editing works for embargoed countries - Problems of visiting other countries for research (visa obtention, etc.) - Data mining and integration and their impact on personal privacy. - Achieving the balance between compliance with national security regulations and the moral and ethical issues of the professions

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