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The concept of the source in a world of multiple channels (SIG DL)

Pierrette Bergeron Bergeron Pierrette [] Mariam Ginman Yves Marcoux Yves MARCOUX [Yves.MARCOUX@UMontreal.CA] Diane Sonnenwald Diane Sonnenwald [] Sanna Talja Sanna Talja [] Isto Vatanen Isto Vatanen []

Presented at ASIST 2004 Annual Meeting; "Managing and Enhancing Information: Cultures and Conflicts" (ASIST AM 04), Providence, Rhode Island, November 13 - 18, 2004


THE CONCEPT OF THE SOURCE IN A WORLD OF MULTIPLE CHANNELS (A panel proposal for the Digital Libraries track (SIG-DL) of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2004).

Current articulations of the digital library make the concept of the source a rich, and even a problematic, topic for investigation. Librarianship may now be described in terms of the curation of configurations of diverse objects, labelled in ways that contribute to multiple uses across domains. This ‘objectification’ in the interests of efficiency may fail to reflect judgments about content that are made by a range of practitioners (scholars, teachers, librarians, managers) in the field. The proposed panel/workshop will explore the concept of the source, focusing on the criteria that are used to identify a source by practitioners who work with multiple media. A team of six experienced researchers will critically assess their won and others empirical work on sources.

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