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Design, Development, and Implementation of a Texas Library Directory Database: A Multipurpose Database for the Library of Texas

Irene V. Lopatovska - e-mail , Fatih Oguz - E-mail: , William E. Moen - E-mail:

Presented at ASIST 2004 Annual Meeting; "Managing and Enhancing Information: Cultures and Conflicts" (ASIST AM 04), Providence, Rhode Island, November 13 - 18, 2004


The paper presents an overview of the Texas Library Directory Database development effort. The TLDD was designed and implemented by the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge at the University of North Texas team as part of a project for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to support the Library of Texas Resource Discovery Service. The TLDD offers a unique centralized controlled environment to collect a wide range of information about Texas libraries, to manage these data, and to offer a common repository of current information about Texas libraries for use by various TSLAC divisions, members of the Texas library community and library users. The paper examines issues that shaped the development of the TLDD, such as an international standard for directories of libraries, archives, information and documentation centre, and their databases (ISO2146); selection of the open source technical platform for the database and interface applications development; availability and quality of the data sources available to populate the database, etc. Challenges encountered during the project and suggestions for future library directory database development efforts are described.

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