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ASIST 2003 Poster Sessions Monday, October 20, 2003, 12:30pm

PROMIS: an XML-based Metadata Framework for Proteomics.  W. John MacMullen, University of North Carolina

It Takes a Village: Student Chapter Survival and Success.  John Castledine, Sam Hastings, Diane Jenkins, all University of North Texas

Finding Aid as Interface? Enhancing K-12 Access to Digitized Cultural Heritage Resources through

Adaptive Systems Technology: An Exploratory Study.  Howard Besser, Sheila Afnan-Manns, Bryan Griest, Dale Ann Stieber, Dominique Turnbow, all University of California, at Los Angeles

Approaches and Effectiveness of Distributed Searching for Digital Libraries.  Ray R. Larson, University of California at Berkeley

Making Museum Content Useful: MOAC II User Evaluation.  Anne Gilliland-Swetland,UCLA; Robin L. Chandler, The California Digital Library, University of California - Office of the President; and Layna White, UCLA Hammer Museum

Automated Indexing of the Hazardous Substances Data Bank.  Carlo Nuss, Hua Florence Chang, Dorothy Moore, and George C. Fonger, all National Institutes of Health

Information and Discovery in Neuroscience.  Carole L. Palmer, Melissa H. Cragin, and Timothy P. Hogan, all University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign

Information in the HIV+ Community.  Carole L. Palmer Timothy P. Hogan, both University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign

The Use of Subjective Attributes in Personal Information Management Systems - Initial results.  Ofer Bergman, Tel Aviv University; Ruth Beyth-Marom, The Open University of Isreal; and Rafi Nachmias, Tel Aviv University

The Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative.  Michael Buckland, University of California at Berkeley

VorteX Enhancing the Pedagogy in Software Development Education.  Mark Ridgway, University of Wales, and  Mark Ratcliffe and Wayne Ellis, both Khaydor Ltd

In Search of an Optimal E-Commerce Interface that Induces Online Trust.  Ye Diana Wang, Henry H. Emurian, both University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Documents and the Communication of Scientific and Scholarly Information: Revising and Updating the UNISIST Model.  Trine Fjordback Sondergaard, Jack Andersen & Birger Hjorland, all Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark

Preliminary Study Examining Experts And Novices Using Dublin Core Metadata to Describe Scientific Laboratory Data.  Laura M. Bartolo, Cathy S. Lowe, Cecilia M. Robinson, all Kent State University

Expertise, Search Behavior, and Search Performance of Engineering Users. Xiangmin Zhang, Rutgers University

Identifying the Role of Context in Search. Elaine G. Toms, Luanne Freund, Joan m. Bartlett, all University of Toronto; and Rick Kopak, University of British Columbia

An Empirical Study of Children's Source Use for Internet Searches. Yin Zhang, Kent State University

Understanding Resource Discovery Design Requirements in a Statewide Virtual Library Environment: Application of a Technology Adoption Indicator.  Kathleen R. Murray William E. Moen, both University of North Texas

Scholars' Information Evaluation Strategies in the Digital Environment.  Ying-Hsang Liu, Rutgers University

An Alternative Perspective on Medical Informatics Structure: EMBASE vs. MEDLINE.  Theodore Allan Morris, Kent State University

Understanding the Brevity of Web Queries.  Luanne Freund and Elaine G. Toms, both University of Toronto

Targeted Access for Varied Audiences to Integrated, Heterogeneous Digital Information Resources.  Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, Cathy Nelson Hartman, and Samantha Kelly Hastings, all University of North Texas

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