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From Anytime, Anywhere to All-The-Time, Everywhere: Learning Objects, Broadband and Wireless Reshape Digital Libraries for Learning and Research

Vicki L. Gregory, University of South Florida Diane Austin, University of South Florida Richard Austin, Florida State University Tom Terrell, University of South Florida

Presented at ASIST 2003 Annual Meeting -- Humanizing Information Technology: From Ideas to Bits and Back (ASIST AM 03 2003), Westin Long Beach, Long Beach, California, October 20 - 23, 2003


Learning objects are among the latest types of materials to be included in digital libraries. These are small portions of lesson material designed to be used in multiple configurations for multiple instructional applications, ranging from distance learning to interactive simulation. As broadband and wireless technologies change the expectations and performance patterns of the user, learning objects change the nature of content and the way that it must be managed. The size and diversity of digital collections affect the options through which these materials can be accessed. Many libraries are offering wireless access to their networks and many individuals are accessing digital libraries off-site using broadband technologies. Each of these trends affects decisions made for collection development, portal design and network design, and those decisions dictate specific technological requirements for access.

This panel session highlights management and infrastructure issues of digital libraries as they relate to learning objects, broadband and wireless technologies.

Sponsored by SIG-DL

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