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Who Will Teach the Next Generation of Information Professionals?

Aimee Dorr, Dean, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA; a Dean or Chair from a Communications program; and a Dean or Chair from an Information Systems, plus two reactors from Library and Information Science programs. Virginia Walter will moderate.

Presented at ASIST 2003 Annual Meeting -- Humanizing Information Technology: From Ideas to Bits and Back (ASIST AM 03 2003), Westin Long Beach, Long Beach, California, October 20 - 23, 2003


Graduate schools of library and information science have grown increasingly multidisciplinary with faculty drawn from such wide-ranging fields as computerscience, communication studies, information systems, public administration, and cognitive science as well as library and information science. Deans, directors, and chairs of these programs are engaged in a critical dialogue about the changing landscape of information and the skills, knowledge, and values that information professionals will need to have in order to flourish there. This panel discussion reflects the expanding boundaries of the field by inviting deans from education, communication, and information systems to present their vision of education for information professionals.

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