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13thClassification Research Workshop
Reconceptualizing Classification Research
November 17, 2002

This  year's classification research workshop will step back and take a  reflective view of current and future trends in classification research.   The aim of this year's workshop is to identify and articulate research  questions and research agendas that will form the core of classification  research in the next decade.  The papers presented at the workshop will  ask questions such as "where are we now?" and "what needs to be done?"

Registered participants can download preprints of the papers
here .  If you  have registered for the conference and have not received your password,  please contact Jens-Erik Mai at









Opening remarks
Jens-Erik Mai, University of Washington

Opening address
Pauline Atherton Cochrane, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Promising Past and Future Research Agendas in Classification"






Panel 1

Chair: Barbara Kwasnik, Syracuse University
Rapporteur: Jonathan Furner, University of California, Los Angeles

Kathryn La Barre, Indiana University
"Look back to look forward: The Classification Research Study Group  and SIG/CR"

D. Grant Campbell, University of Western Ontario
"Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in Bibliographic Classification  Research"

Joseph T. Tennis, University of  Washington
"Three Spheres of Classification Research: Emergence, Encyclopedism,  and Ecology"






Panel 2

Chair: Jane Greenberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Rapporteur: Edie Rasmussen, University of Pittsburgh

Paul Solomon, University  of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Bringing People, Technology, and Systems Together Through  Classification Research: Designing for Change, Learning, and  Maintenance"

Jonathan Furner, University of  California, Los Angeles
Bibliographic relationships, citation relationships,  relevance relationships, and bibliographic classification: An  integrative view"

James D. Anderson, Rutgers The  State University of New Jersey
"Effective Display of Browsable Classification on the WWW and other  Hypertext Media"






Panel 3

Chair: Clare Beghtol, University of Toronto
Rapporteur: Paul Solomon, University of North Carolina at Chapel  Hill

Linda Hill, Olha Buchel, Greg Janée, University of California,  Santa Barbara, and Marcia Lei Zeng, Kent State University
"Integration of Knowledge Organization Systems into Digital Library  Architectures: Position Paper for 13th ASIS&T SIG/CR Workshop, "Reconceptualizing  Classification Research""

Wendi Pohs, Dick McCarrick, IBM  Lotus Software Group, and Michael Muller, IBM Research
"Creating and Maintaining Machine-Generated Taxonomies in Human  Organizations: Contributions from Research and Practice"

Michael L.  McGlashen and Anne Rogers, The Dow Chemical Company
"Classification in the Physical Sciences"



Concluding discussion and remarks
Marcia Bates, University of California, Los Angeles


The workshop's format
Each presenter has 10 minutes to present the paper. The presentation will be  followed by two or three specific questions from the audience. The goal of  the presentation is to set the stage for discussion and act as a  facilitator for the discussion.

The remaining time (approx.  45 minutes) is for general Q&A, comments, general discussion of research  directions, possible specific projects, potential groups, suggestions for  contacts, etc. for the session area as a whole.

The outcomes of this  workshop could be the formation of a committee or several subcommittees  focused on specific research areas, recommendations for future directions,  a joint paper on the status and future of classification research, or a  number of other possibilities.  

Go to this page to see the  original call for  papers.

Workshop chairs:

  Clare Beghtol
Faculty of Information Studies
University of Toronto

  Jonathan Furner
Department of Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

 Barbara Kwasnik
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University

 Jens-Erik Mai
The Information School
University of Washington

Program committee:
 Hanne Albrechtsen , Risoe National  Laboratory, Denmark
Jack  Andersen, Royal School of Library and Information Science,  Denmark
 Elisabeth Davenport , Napier University,  Scotland 
Jane Greenberg,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 Edie Rasmussen , University of Pittsburgh
 Paul Solomon, University of North  Carolina at Chapel Hill

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