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Annual Meeting Plenary Speaker on Wednesday, November 20, 10:30am

David Snowden
David Snowden, director of IBM's newly formed Center for Action Research in Organizational Complexity (CAROC), is one of the founders of organic knowledge management. He pioneered the use of story techniques as a means of knowledge disclosure and a key aspect of creating a knowledge strategy. His subsequent work has taken him into the integration of learning and knowledge using models derived from complexity science and the development of advanced techniques for the management of informal communities and the simulation of social networks.

The success of his work on the use of archetypes, oral history as an alternative to Intellectual Capital Management Systems and the integration of complexity and narrative models into advanced decision support tools led to the creation of CAROC. CAROC focuses on high participation action research projects seeking new insights into the nature of organizations and markets using models derived from sciences that recognize the inherent uncertainties of social systems. CAROC is not about consultants or academics conducting multiple interviews or observations and deriving hypotheses and models based on their expertise; it is about creating focused interactions between many sources of knowledge to enable the emergence of new meaning and insight.

Dave Snowden has an MBA from Middlesex University and a BA in Philosophy from Lancaster University. He is honorary fellow in knowledge management at the University of Warwick and teaches on the MBA programs at Warwick, Sophia Antipolis and Piacenza. He regularly consults at the board level with some of the world's largest companies, as well as to government and NGOs. 

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