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Knowledge Management in the 21st Century:
Moving Forward, Sustaining the Momentum

Saturday, November 16, 2002 - KM Summit-at-a-Glance

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Blackford Middleton

The ASIST 2002 Knowledge Management (KM) Summit views KM from the perspective of mature reality rather than a promising blip on the "good idea" radar screen.  We will look at KM in today's organization and determine where KM stands - as an urgent flashpoint, or possibly integrated into the fabric of the organization as a given.  Is it in "stealth mode" alive but given a different name, renamed for the 21st century?  The summit will report on the current KM buzz.

Join us and DO KM with KM colleagues.  The 2002 KM Summit will be your opportunity to exchange best practices with those who have been there for years and have exciting news to share.

Among the sessions to be covered:

  • KM has many faces and those practicing it have many names and roles.  Meet the people doing KM within the organization.
  • Discover the costs of KM and how the money is being spent.
  • Collaboration as a daily activity, not a novelty - is key for KM to succeed.
  • The KM tools practitioners have found truly useful.
  • Next generation KM the next set of issues we will face.
  • The core question:  How do you determine which knowledge to manage in these uncertain times of finite resources?

Planning to attend the ASIST Annual Meeting?  Come early and join us at the first ASIST KM Summit!  Saturday, November 16, 2002

Kick-off the Summit with a reception, Friday evening, November 15, 6-7:30pm

You can register for the KM Summit or the ASIST Annual (or both!) at http//

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