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Taxonomies and Metadata
Full Day, Saturday, November 16, 9:00am - 5:00pm (separate fee)

Subject access to content Taxonomies, ontologys, thesauri, authority files, semantic web, categorization engines, XML, and metadata. What are these things? How do you use them? Where do they fit in a content management system. Taxonomy definition: A taxonomy is a full thesaurus with the authority file terms added at the final node. A taxonomy allows both term record and hierarchical views. The term record is used for maintenance of the system and the hierarchical view is used for web browsing. The application of the authority file allows the addition of the people, places, and things-terms at the most specific level. A taxonomy should allow multiple broader terms for a specific term. This workshop is designed to give the beginner an overview of the sections involved in the development of subject access to a web portal. We will discuss how the pieces fit together. The session covers what is new, what is old, and how the continuum of content management works for web and legacy collections. Hands-on development of a metadata set using a metadata grid will enable fast implementation of the larger targeted metadata set tailored to the individual application. The basics necessary to understand the marketing hype of new systems will be explained.


Marjorie M.K. Hlava , president of Access Innovations, Inc, an international database and information management services company she founded in 1978. Margie is responsible for directing overall corporate operations for Access. Her areas of responsibility include public relations, contract negotiations, analyzing and transacting acquisitions and joint venture negotiations, hiring and training personnel, purchasing equipment, and participating in short-term and long-range planning. Marjorie's consultancy expertise includes project design, workflow analysis, project administration, database design, taxonomy and thesaurus development and maintenance, workflow analysis, software development, and problem solving in all areas of corporate activity. A frequent speaker on database construction, Margie has been involved in creating more than 200 text files, many of them commercially available, and has contributed to more than 100 publications. Clients have included national and international corporations, small businesses, associations, government agencies, and departments. Margie's chosen area of research is natural language processing, especially in the area of machine-aided indexing (MAI). Margie established a MAI system for use internally at Access. She has been working to implement larger scale Intranet projects using Internet architecture and XML, HTML, and .gif scaled files converted from SGML and .tif. This work led her to research and develop a new Access product - the Data Harmony software modules. Developed mainly as a response to client needs and production requirements, this suite of tools, recently released through Data Harmony, Inc., consists of an XML Intranet System (XIS), the Machine Aided Indexer (M.A.I.), and the Thesaurus Master (TM).

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