KM Reception
Friday, Nov. 15

KM Summit
Saturday, Nov. 16

Pre-Conference Seminars
Saturday Nov. 16,
Sunday Nov. 17

Welcome Reception
Sunday Nov. 17
6pm New Comers
7pm All

Keynote Presentation
Monday, Nov. 18, 8:00am
Thomas Blanton and
 Lee S. Strickland

Plenary Presentation
Wednesday Nov. 20, 10:30am
David Snowden

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The first years of the new millennium and recent world events have cast into bold relief the role played by information in a complex global society.  We are seeing a new awareness of the importance of the free flow of necessary and time-sensitive information and the technologies that support it.  Information organization, access and transfer are more than ever recognized as essential elements in all aspects of business and daily interaction.  That information plays a profound role in building and sustaining community on a local and global scale has been vividly demonstrated by the reactions of individuals and institutions when faced with a major disaster.  The ability of our institutions to react to cataclysmic events has been shown to be dependent on an information infrastructure that is stable, secure and adaptable, highlighting the roles of disaster preparedness and preservation. The information technologies which we have begun to take for granted have, when challenged, been dynamically adapted to new situations.   The 2002 ASIST conference will provide an opportunity to explore these and other information phenomena and their contribution to the transformation of our society.

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