Visual Analysis Methods for Information Retrieval
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Sunday, November 12
pm - 5:00pm

Visual Analysis Methods for Information Retrieval (separate fee)
(1/2 day)


Do you have trouble explaining why one information system is better than another without lapsing into techno-speak? Would you like to be able to model experiments with something other than Excel charts or Precision-Recall scores? Are you looking for alternatives to traditional information retrieval analysis techniques? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then join us for this informative, hands-on session that will help you harness the power of visual analysis. If you are responsible for IR system implementation in your organization or are an LIS or IS faculty member, this class is a must. The visual analysis techniques you learn will help enhance your information retrieval efforts and transform your presentations to students, clients and colleagues.

You Will Learn About

  • The software production steps necessary to perform visual analysis;
  • How to copy, set up and run supplied software for visual analysis;
  • How to present IR investigations in a mode that is easy for people with little formal background in IR sciences to understand;
  • How to make refined comparisons of system operations under varying conditions;
  • Formula applications.

Mark Rorvig, Associate Professor of Library and Information Sciences at the University of North Texas

2000, Association for Information Science