Managing Information Portals and Content
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Sunday, November 12
am - 5:00pm

Managing Information Portals and Content (separate fee)


The Internet has opened the floodgates to a sea of information that is rushing forth in a continuous and almost overwhelming flow. The information professionals responsible for managing this content and presenting it to users in an accessible and helpful manner are faced with huge challenges as they work to get a handle on the vast amount of information. This workshop will help participants identify and implement new methods and approaches to handling these challenges, including options for selecting and implementing internal and external content management systems and designing and building web-optimized applications and portal-enabling diverse and heterogeneous content repositories.

You Will Learn About

  • Methods for revitalizing "broken" intranet projects through content redesign;
  • A taxonomy approach designed to blend subject-based and functional-based content;
  • Optimized systems for handling external news feeds and custom content management systems for delivering pre-selected downloaded data;
  • Methods for better integrating the enterprise crawler/search engine into an intranet;
  • Content personalization and group profiles;
  • Emerging content management systems;
  • Application development and vertical portal applications;
  • Home-grown and off-the-shelf portal implementations;
  • Estimated costs for implementing and maintaining corporate portals.

Howard McQueen, Chief Executive Officer of McQueen Consulting

2000, Association for Information Science