Keynote Presentation - Anthony Oettinger
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Monday, November 13, 9:00am

ASIS 2000 begins on a high note with an informative and thought-provoking talk by Anthony Oettinger, the Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Mathematics and Professor of Information Resources Policy at Harvard University. Dr. Oettinger and his colleagues at the Harvard Program on Information Resources Policy (PIRP) are studying the effects that public policy and strategic corporate decisions have on such old-fashioned information systems as newspapers, books, radio and TV, and on emerging systems like the Internet, telecommunications, and centralized or distributed databases. The topics they study are often the subject of pitched battles in the courts, legislatures and regulatory agencies. Their research falls into seven broad areas:

  •   the merger of computer and communications sciences and technologies;
  •   postal and allied mechanical transportation systems;
  •   the strategic and tactical use of information by civilian and military     organizations;
  •   the effect of new technologies on traditional information and news media;
  •   international political developments;
  •   information property, privacy and security; and
  •   global financial service industries.

2000, Association for Information Science