21st Century Law for Information Professionals
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Saturday, November 11
am - 5:00pm

Essential 21st Century Law for Information Professional (separate fee)

Two-day Course (Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12. Each day's course may be taken individually. There is a $75 discount for taking both days.)


The information age has given birth to a maze of new laws, regulations and judicial rulings that have a direct impact on the everyday work of information professionals at all levels, in both the government and the private sector. New policies are being formulated all the time. How do you keep up with it all? Join us for this entertaining and interactive workshop aimed at helping participants gain a basic understanding of the essential civil and criminal laws that every information professional should know about. The session will also cover important legal resources—print and electronic—that will help you stay current with the legal developments in the future.

The scope and specific provisions of extant law relevant to the management and use of information, including recent and proposed changes in the areas of copyright, e-publishing, e-commerce, protection of proprietary and trade secret information, classification and declassification policies, censorship, and privacy.

  • The most recent interpretive judicial decisions;
  • Proposed and pending legislation;
  • Competing policy considerations in the various venues of information law;
  • Censorship battles in cyperspace;
  • Positioning your organization to survive civil litigation;
  • Information challenges presented by Internet crime and the shortcomings of current state and federal criminal laws related to the Internet

Lee Strickland, Senior Intelligence Officer, Central Intelligence Agency and Visiting Professor, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland.

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