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Sunday, November 12
am - 5:00pm

Electronic Document Imaging (separate fee)


Electronic document imaging is coming to play an increasingly important role in records management operations. This informative workshop will provide participants with an easy-to-understand overview of electronic document imaging concepts and will examine key technology and products, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

You Will Learn About

  • Typical work steps and components of electronic document imaging implementations;
  • The types of applications for which electronic imaging is well suited;
  • How imaging compares to paper and micrographics for records management applications;
  • Some reasons why imaging implementations fail;
  • Legal status of electronic document images;
  • The relationship between imaging technology and record retention requirements;
  • Overview of the imaging industry, including vendors, products, market segmentation and trends;
  • Typical imaging configurations and costs.

William Saffady, Professor, Palmer School of Library and Information Sciences, Long Island University

2000, Association for Information Science