Student Chapter Annual Activity Reports are due July 1.  These should be filed even if not applying  for "Student Chapter of the Year Award."  This report is not to be confused with the financial report due by October 31st.

ASIS&T has many different leadership volunteer positions available and we encourage you to take advantage and get involved!   Get involved & become a leader!




The purpose of the Student Chapter Officers' Manual is to guide and alert Student Chapter Advisors and Officers as to certain procedures regarding Student Chapter organization and administration, and to remind Officers of certain responsibilities. The Manual explains Student Chapter organization and relationship to area Chapters and Headquarters, suggests activities, and describes support that Student Chapters receive from Headquarters.

The first section is a checklist of things Student Chapters should do, and when. It is the responsibility of the Student Chapter Advisor and the Officers to see that these tasks are completed.

The Student Chapter Advisor receives two copies of the Manual whenever it is revised. The Advisor should retain one copy, and pass the other on to the current Student Chapter Chair. An electronic copy of the Manual is also available at the ASIS&T website. All Student Chapter Officers should be familiar with the contents of the Manual.

Headquarters and the Chapter Assembly Representative for Student Chapters are responsible for keeping the Manual up to date on a regular basis. The Student Chapter Advisor and Chair should also keep the Manual up to date by incorporating a) revised sections as they become available, b) appropriate sections of Chapter and Student Chapter memoranda, and c) other documents considered important to the administration of the Student Chapter (such as the Bylaws adopted by the student Chapter).


Checklist of Deadlines

Deadline Responsibility Task
End of each semester Advisor Send list of graduates to Local Chapter Membership Chair
End of each semester
(when necessary)
Officers Hold elections for coming semester
After each election Advisor Send list of officers to Chapter Assembly Representative for Student Chapters
July 1 Officers & Advisor Submit annual report as self-nomination for annual award
September 30

Chair Submit request for funds
Late October/Early November Advisor
(others welcome)
Attend meeting of Student Chapter Advisors at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting
October 30 Officers & Advisor Submit annual report (if not submitted as part of award self-nomination) to the Headquarters


Organization of Student Chapters

What is a Student Chapter?

A Student Chapter consists of a group of Student Members and at least one Regular Member in good standing as an Advisor, chartered by the Board of Directors. Student Chapters shall retain their charters at the discretion of the Board of Directors. (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 7.2 "Student Chapters," as amended June 22, 2000).

A Student Chapter need not be limited to a single campus, a single institution, a single geographic location, or a minimum number of student Members. Multiple Student Chapters may be chartered in any given area. (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 7.21, as amended June 22, 2000).

Student Membership shall be available to any individual who is regularly enrolled as a full-time or part-time student as defined by his/her institution and certified annually to the Society by the Student Member's faculty advisor, in a degree granting program at a college or university, and who has completed an application form and met such other qualifications as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors, and has paid the currently stipulated Student Membership dues. A Student Member in good standing shall have privileges of Regular Membership as established by the Board of Directors. Students Membership shall be available only for a period of two years. (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 1.4, as amended June 22, 2000).


Purpose of Student Chapters

Presumably, the overall purpose of a Student Chapter is the same as that of a Chapter, that is to "promote the interests of the Society and the Society's program" (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 7. 11, "Purpose of Chapters", as amended June 22, 2000). Student Chapters are intended to provide an organization through which Student Members of ASIS&T may share their special concerns and run programs for students and other members of the community with an interest in information science. Student Chapter Participation is also intended to provide students with experience in being active ASIS&T members, and to contribute to personal growth and career development. Through liaison with local ASIS&T groups, students may develop informal contacts and gain exposure to the professional environment. The Student Chapter increases the student's sense of fellowship with the Society. Student Chapters should also promote the advancement of information science within academic curricula, and provide liaison between the academic community and local organizations, agencies, firms, or groups.


Bylaws of Student Chapters

The ASIS&T Board of Directors has approved "Model Bylaws for ASIS&T Student Chapters" (see Downloads). Each Student Chapter must submit a set of Bylaws before the Board of Directors grants a charter to that Student Chapter. Student Chapter Officers are urged to become familiar with their Bylaws. The model Bylaws are guidelines, and Student Chapters may enact their own Bylaws, provided only that all Bylaws are in harmony with those of the Society. To facilitate review of Bylaws by the ASIS&T Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Board, each variation from the model should be noted, along with the reasons for the proposed change. Amendments to Bylaws must follow the procedures specified in the Bylaws of the Student Chapter. No approved amendment shall take effect unless and until certified by the ASIS&T Board of Directors. If so certified, it shall take effect immediately.


Relationship to ASIS&T Committees and Chapters

Student Chapters are represented at the Chapter Assembly by an Assembly Representative for Student Chapters, or in his/her absence, by an Alternate, elected from among the various Student Chapter Advisors in even-numbered years for a two-year term. (ASIST Bylaws, Section 7.2, as amended June 22, 2000).

A Student Chapter need not have formal affiliation with a local Chapter, although such may be beneficial to both groups. In some cases a Student Chapter may exist in an area which has no designated geographic Chapter. In the presence of a local Chapter or Chapters, the Student Chapter should attempt to coordinate programs with the local Chapter(s) and to ensure that student interests are of concern to the local Chapter(s). A Student Chapter may elect to work closely with a Special Interest Group which is well represented in the local area.


Officers of Student Chapters


Student Chapter Advisor

A Student Chapter Advisor shall be selected by the involved academic officers, the Chapter Assembly Director, and the Assembly Representative for Student Chapters. The Advisor's term of office shall be three years. Advisors may serve multiple terms. (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 7.23, as amended June 22, 2000).

If a Student Chapter Advisor office should become vacant during the three-year term, the involved academic officers, the Chapter Assembly Director, and the Assembly Representative for Student Chapters shall appoint an Advisor to fulfill the unexpired term or to fill an interim vacancy such as would occur due to sabbatical. (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 7.24, as amended June 22, 2000).

The Student Chapter Advisor is responsible for ensuring that the Student Chapter Officers fulfill their responsibilities, particularly with regard to annual reporting. The Advisor should endeavor to maintain a high level of interest among Student Chapter members. The Advisor should also make every effort to attend the meeting of Student Chapter Advisors at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting, or to send a representative in his/her place. Student Chapter Advisors must be Regular Members of ASIS&T in good standing. (ASIS&T Bylaws, Section 7.2, as amended June 22, 2000).

The Student Chapter Advisor should be in communication with local Chapter officers with regard to student membership.


Student Chapter Chair

The Chair of the Student Chapter is the driving force behind Student Chapter activities. The Chair has the responsibility for ensuring that the members of the Student Chapter derive the anticipated benefits from their membership. The Chair should hold regular meetings, and direct plans for activities and recruitment. The Chair must also ensure that an annual report is filed with the Assembly Director and the Assembly Representative for Student Chapters.


Student Chapter Chair-Elect

The Chair-Elect should work closely with the Chair in planning and executing Student Chapter programs. The Chair-Elect assumes the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's absence. In many groups the Chair-Elect may also serve as Program Director.


Other Officers

As set out in their Bylaws, Student Chapters may have other Officers. A Secretary and a Treasurer (or a Secretary-Treasurer) play an invaluable role in keeping the minutes and financial records of the Student Chapter in order. Other useful positions and appointments might include a webmaster to oversee creation, maintenance and enhancements to the Student Chapter website and Chairs of Publicity/Membership, Email/Listserv and/or Newsletter, and Program. Every attempt should be made to involve as many student members as possible in an active role within the Student Chapter.


Assembly Representative for Student Chapters

The Assembly Representative for Student Chapters represents the interests of Student Chapters at the Chapter Assembly. The Representative is also responsible for calling a meeting of Student Chapter Advisors at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. The Representative works closely with the Assembly Director in soliciting annual reports from Student Chapters, in recommending formation and dissolution of Student Chapters, in revising the Student Chapter Officers' Manual, and in planning activities of interest to students at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.



Finances of Student Chapters

An appropriation of $100 per year is available to each Student Chapter, upon request by the Student Chapter. An accounting of this appropriation must be made at the end of each ASIS&T Fiscal Year (September 30), whereupon a new appropriation of $100 will be issued if all the funds have been expended. If only a portion of the funds were expended, the amount expended will be replenished.

In addition to the allotment from ASIS&T, Student Chapters are advised to seek funds from other sources. Many Student Chapters have received funding from general student associations, and others have been granted financial assistance from local Chapters. Some Student Chapters have raised money from the sale of ASIS&T items, t-shirts, cookbooks, and so on, or through charging for attendance at programs. The annual financial report should include sources of funding so that other Student Chapters may benefit from innovative ideas.

All funds over $200 must be accounted for. If a student chapter fails to file its Annual Financial Report within 30 days after the close of the ASIS&T fiscal year (September 30) a letter will be sent to the advisor the first year, the dean the second year and on the third year the chapter may be placed on inactive status according to section 7.14 and 7.2 of the ASIS&T Bylaws (June 22, 2000). Student Chapter Financial Reports should indicate sources of revenue other than the $100 given to them by the Society. (ASIS&T Bylaws, as amended June 22, 2000).



Activities of Student Chapters

Student Chapters should endeavor to hold regular meetings for transacting the business of the Chapter. The principal function of the Student Chapter is to schedule events and activities of interest to student members and students at large. Examples of such activities include:

  • A website with links to appropriate resources for those interested in information science.
  • A listserv or email or hard-copy newsletter, or a column in a student newsletter, or a column in a Chapter newsletter.
  • Visits to local area libraries; information centers, corporations, and institutions, or guest speakers from these organizations.
  • Guest speakers who are ASIS&T officers or representatives.
  • Workshops addressing topics such as career planning, interviewing, and resume writing and posting resumes online.
  • Workshops teaching students multimedia skills and website construction and management skills.
  • Workshops teaching practical computer skills such as use of word processing, spreadsheets and data analysis software, file and database creation and management software, use of electronic services such as listservs, email, file transfer protocols.
  • Sponsorship of Student Members to local or national ASIS&T meetings, or at least car-pooling and hospitality arrangements.
  • Workshops, institutes, seminars etc. addressed to a general audience (at which registration fees might be a possible source of funds).
  • Fund-raising activities (raffles, t-shirt sales, sale of a cookbook prepared by the student chapter and so on).
  • Creation of a Student Member database and/or website with student resumes or links to student resumes to aid in bringing job hunters to the attention of employers.
  • Displays related to information science topics, perhaps tied into a Student Chapter or a local Chapter program.
  • Involvement in a local Chapter or Special Interest Group program (some Student Chapters host one Chapter program a year).
  • Recruitment into ASIS&T of new students at the beginning of each semester (through brochures, announcements, etc.).
  • Joint activities with Student Chapters of other organizations.
  • Hosting or attending training sessions held by database or equipment or software vendors.
  • Picnics or movie festivals (taken perhaps from the films shown at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting).


Administration of Student Chapters


Member Record System

Most Student Chapters find it advisable to maintain not only a Chapter web site and email list to which students may subscribe but also maintain an electronic bulletin board or listserv to which students and faculty can post messages. Even when Student Chapters find it infeasible to set up a formal member record system, they can use an email list as an informal record of their members. The local Chapter should have a copy of the current email list, in which students are easily identified. The local Chapter may have its own email or hard copy mailing list which the Student Chapter could use. The Student Chapter Advisor and the Chair should each have a current list of all student members. At the end of each graduating semester, the Advisor should send a list of graduated student members to the local Chapter Membership Chair, asking the Chair to contact each graduate, remind them of the reduced membership rate for new graduates, and urging them to remain members of the Society. In the absence of a local Chapter, the Advisor should endeavor to take on this task.


Keeping the Chapter Assembly Director and Student Chapter Representative Informed

The Student Chapter Advisor and the Chair are responsible for ensuring that an annual report is submitted to the Headquarters by May 31 (if as self-nomination for the annual award) or by October 30 (if not) of each year (see the Annual Report and Chapter of the Year form). When Student Chapter Officers change, the Advisor or the Chair should inform the Chapter Assembly Representative.