Dino Tsibouris,

Companies collect and use personal information to provide goods and services to their customers, and we willingly give it to them. New laws regulate how companies use personal information and require certain steps to be taken if the company fails to keep our information secure.

We will learn what laws govern the use of personal information and what a privacy statement means - what it covers. We will also look at the importance of contracts that ensure compliance with these laws and consider what the contracts should say to provide the most protection. We'll also discuss the latest law addressing SPAM and spyware and how it impacts you.

Dino Tsibouris is an attorney who focuses his practice on e-commerce, technology and privacy law and represents numerous start ups and fortune 100 companies. Mr. Tsibouris has worked in both corporate and large law firm environments. He is also a regular consultant to the State of Ohio on e-government and e-records matters.

Join us to learn how the law governs technology and the information your company uses, as well as your own.

Participating Societies


The Association for Computing Machinery, an international education and scientific society of more than 80,000 computer specialists, is dedicated to development of information processing as a discipline, and to the responsible use of computers in all applications. The Dayton Chapter holds periodic dinner meetings. Contact: Bill Davis, 937-264-0377.


The Dayton Chapter of Association of Information Technology Professionals (formerly DPMA) is a non-profit organization interested in educating, promoting, and the professional certification, of its members. The Dayton Chapter is inactive but contact Jim Stryker, 937-434-0000,


Since 1937, the Association for Information Science and Technology has been interested in improving the ways society stores, retrieves, analyzes, manages, archives and disseminates information, from such fields as computer science, linguistics, librarianship, engineering, medicine, chemistry, and education. The Southern Ohio chapter meets monthly except during Summer. Contact: Patricia Carter, 937-865-6800 x56099;

ASQ/ASQ Software

The Association of Quality is a society of professionals engaged in the management, engineering, and scientific aspects of quality and reliability. The Software Quality Committee of the ASQ provides a forum for discussing software quality issues and promoting the use of software quality technology, tools, and techniques. The Dayton ASQ meets monthly from September through May. Contact: Sandy Feola, 937-672-0735,


Black Data Processing Associates is made up of entrepreneurs, managers, employees and others involved in the Information Technology industry. BDPA's objectives are to accumulate a pool of information technology knowledge and business experience with the intention of utilizing these resources to strengthen the expertise of minority members of the information technology community and to broaden or expose information technology knowledge to the minority community as a whole. Contact:, or Cynthia Hayden or Karla Scott, 937-429-3303.


The Dayton Advocates for Computing Women is a professional society composed of women and men in the computing profession. The purposes of DACW are to promote communication among women in computing, to further the professional development and advancement of women in computing, and to promote the education of women in computing. The society meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September to May. Contact: Jeannette Fromm, 937-433-8573,


The Dayton Microcomputer Association is a group of computer enthusiasts organized as a non-profit corporation to promote education about computer technology and applications. The DMA (r) meets monthly (except December) for presentations from Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, and other local and national companies. DMA (r) also sponsors Computerfest each year, and has SIGs (special interest groups) for Linux, Apple, Amateur Radio, Digital Photography, Digital Textiles, Perl, Certifications, Software Development and Venture Scouts. DMA (r) has its own recycling project--- OTAP. Info line: 937-222-4362,

IEEE/Computer Society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers sponsors a number of societies, including the Computer Society. The Dayton chapter of the IEEE CS holds lunchtime meetings on a wide range of computer-related topics to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information-processing science and technology. Contact: Eric Whitfield at 937-904-8453,


The Institute for Industrial Engineers, founded in 1948, is an international, nonprofit, professional society dedicated to advancing the technical and managerial excellence of industrial engineers and those utilizing industrial engineering methods and techniques. IIE strives to provide continuing education opportunities that enhance members' capabilities to improve productivity and quality while improving the contributions made by the profession. The Dayton chapter meets regularly from September through May. Local Contact: Greg Groeber, or

Project Management Institute (PMI)

Since 1969, the Project Management Institute has grown to be the leading nonprofit professional association in the area of Project Management. With over 153,000 members in 146 countries, PMI has established standards, provided seminars, educational programs and professional certification that more and more organizations desire for their project leaders. PMI has certified over 100,000 Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Contact: Kimberly Harmeyer,, 513-552-7445.


The goal of the Dayton chapter of the Software Process Improvement Network is to enhance software and systems process improvement skills and support the development of quality products in the Dayton area, through an active program of networking, information sharing, local and national speakers, and recognition of excellence. Mutual support and the pursuit of educational opportunities for CMMI-based process improvement professionals is provided. The chapter meets monthly from August through May.  Contacts are David Malas, 937-445-6630, or Mike Evanoo, 937-376-9809,

About the Presenter

Dino Tsibouris is a founding member of the law firm Mallory & Tsibouris Co., LPA. His extensive experience involves all aspects of technology law both domestically and internationally with specific expertise in e-commerce, online financial services, licensing, and privacy law. In addition, Mr. Tsibouris' practice encompasses implementation of electronic signatures, records management and information security.

He was previously an attorney with Thompson Hine LLP and a Vice President and Counsel for eCommerce and Technology at Bank One Corporation. He has conducted CLE and trade association presentations on various e-banking and e-commerce matters, and he has participated in many regulatory and industry task forces addressing new legislation.

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