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Newsletter of the Southern Ohio Chapter
Association for Information Science
Elna L. Saxton, Editor

Volume 21, number 1

March 2000

Inside this issue:

---  ASIS Ballot  ---

You are reminded to exercise your right as a member of ASIS and vote on two important societal issues.

The first deals with changing the name of ASIS from the Association for Information Science (ASIS) to the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST or ASIS&T).

The second issue is even more fundamental in that it relates in that it relates to changing the Society's Constitution to require a vote of
two-thirds of the Members of the Society voting, rather than the current three quarters of the Members of the Society voting, to change the constitution..

Please review Richard

Hill's memorandum of February 18, read carefully the rules governing the ballot, and mail your ballot to ASIS so that it is received by April 28, 2000.

ASIS membership has debated the issue of name change for nearly a year.  Newer ASIS members are encouraged to review that debate on the ASIS Web page, .