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Newsletter of the Southern Ohio Chapter
Association for Information Science
Volume 20, Number 4, December 1999

Inside this issue: 
Message from the Chair 
Call for Program Ideas 
Welcome New Student Members 
Member Profile - Alison H. Armstrong 
The New ASIS Student Chapter 
Chapter Assembly Report 
Hats Off to SOASIS Volunteers 
Awards Committee Report 
Officers of the ASIS Student Chapter 
Treasurer's Report 
SOASIS Board Members Contact List 


Message from the SOASIS Chair 
by James Cretsos 

What a year this has been, 
What a rare mood I'm in, 
Why, it's almost like being in love! 

OK. So, I paraphrased the lyrics of this well-known song. But this has
been a great year for
SOASIS. A great year, indeed. And after 30 years as member of this
Chapter, I'm still in love
with SOASIS. Why not! 

In terms of the size of its membership, SOASIS is a small chapter--in
fact, the fifth smallest
chapter in ASIS. But in terms of unparalleled initiative, high energy,
vivid imagination, and
Promethean drive, SOASIS is the giant of ASIS. We are known as SOASIS… on
the move,
and it will be very hard for any group to match our momentum. 

Look what we have been able to accomplish this year, and you will see what
I mean: 
We communicated with our members through our regularly published
informative newsletter, a
continually updated Web page, timely announcements of technical programs
and workshops,
frequent person-to-person meetings, and our very own listserv. 
We met as a Board regularly to discuss our finances, develop our programs,
and explore
professional issues affecting our Chapter and our membership. 
We held several technically relevant meetings and professionally
interesting tours that attracted
nearly half the size of our membership each time. 
We conducted a workshop on "Push Technology" that earned high marks from
its attendees. 
We recruited new members actively and heavily enough to double the size of
our membership. 
We honored the Chapter's top contributors for the year, recognized the
loyalty of our long-time
members, and rewarded each active member. 
We extended the southern border of our Chapter, so it now includes the
entire Commonwealth
of Kentucky. 
We initiated and implemented MEMALERT, an ASIS-wide service that's
designed to promptly
alert the chairs of all ASIS chapters and SIGs of new members joining
their group. 
We spearheaded the chartering of the ASIS Student Chapter at the
University of Kentucky. 

How could all that have been achieved by such a small, though mighty
Chapter? Simple: Loyal
volunteers, win-win team effort, and a leader who promoted a "can do"
attitude. That is why the
SOASIS Board voted unanimously to name Victoria Whipple the Centennial
great honor for a great job, closing the century with a great finish. 

But that was last year, and what is past is prologue. We have just started
on a new SOASIS
year, and we will soon be entering a brand new century and facing a bright
new future. I invite
you to join the many other SOASIS volunteers and me to look at our new
future and help shape
it. No matter what your membership status is--regular, student, or
retired--or whether you had
prior experience in service to ASIS, you will always find some Chapter
activity that is
meaningful and enjoyable to you. Please let me know what you would like to
do in SOASIS
and, together, we can help expand the borders of our profession and
enhance the professional
lives of our members. 



I'd love to hear from anyone with particular suggestions/ideas/requests
for programming for a
May meeting. I can be contacted at: 

office phone: 513-558-0177 
home phone: 513-731-3451 
e-mail: Ted.Morris@uc.edu 

Theodore Morris, Chair-elect/Program chair 


SOASIS Welcomes Its 56 New ASIS Student Members 

Miracles do happen, now and then. And Southern Ohio Chapter just had its
miracle of the
century. Fifty-six students from the School of Library and Information
Science at the University
of Kentucky decided to join ASIS and become part of our dynamic Chapter.
We are pleased!
We are elated! We are ecstatic! And we want to extend a roaring welcome to
our newly found

David B. Anderson 
Virginia Barringhaus 
Richard Bernier 
Kenya Best 
James L. Blanton 
Karen D. Crawford 
Colleen S. Crowley 
Edith E.H. Cummings 
Krista L. Dietrich 
Douglas K. Dillon 
Phillip Edwards 
Natalie R. Fields 
Nicole E. Frilling 
David Gregory 
Laura E. Hall 
Anna Hartle 
Jon P. Hesseldenz 
Misty Hockensmith 
Mykie Howard 
Carrie C. Hughes 
Jocelyn Hyravy 
Brad T. Jackson 
Leslie Wolfgang-Jackson 
Jill E. Jensen 
Thanongsak Kunchaiwatthana 
Eileen Lewandowski 
Paul L. Luchini 
Susan P. Marshall 
Sharon K. Martin 
Karen "Kitty" J. McClanahan 
Jonathan W. McKinney 
Lillian R. Messner 
Christopher T. Miller 
Julie Montgomery 
Martin O'Connor 
Ronald Oepping 
Michael O'Hara 
Trond B. Peersen 
Melissa S. Rabey 
Krista Rietrich 
Christine Ryan 
Cheryl M. Selby 
Meenu Singh 
Kateri B. Skelton 
Sandra R. Smallwood 
Sean T. Smith 
Billie Ann Snodgrass 
Sheryl F. Stahl 
Aneve T. Stathas 
Paul R. Steenland 
Kitty Stephens 
David H. Tang 
Tracie A. Tiegs 
Anita Vogel 
Kimball C. Winters 
Debbie Young 

Alison H. Armstrong -- MEMBER PROFILE 
by James Cretsos 

It's a chaotic world out there, and everyone wants a big chunk of your
time--the family, the
boss, your staff, people at work, your neighbors, and an incessant stream
of professional
colleagues who dream up things for you to do. 

Then, there is that mean cop who stops you, just because your auto tags
had expired. And he
stops you on a typically hectic Monday morning, when you are rushing to
get to work in time
for an early morning staff meeting. And, to add insult to injury, the cop
wants to give you a
ticket for not wearing your safety belt. You protest mildly, flashing that
big, wide, ever winning
smile. "But, officer, I was wearing my safety belt. I just unbuckled it so
I could get my auto
registration card from the glove compartment. And as far as the auto tags,
I'll renew them during
my lunch hour today," you say. You actually didn't mean to say that
because you are meeting
someone for lunch, and then you have a one-p.m. meeting to go to. A little
white lie or just
information overload? Just take your pick. "Alright, young lady, I'll let
you go with a warning,
this time. But get your automobile tags renewed. Today! And don't forget
to buckle up. It's the
law," barks the cop authoritatively. 

Hmmm, he called you a young lady. He was tall and handsome. And
young--what, maybe 28,
30 max. You adjust your hair, using your rearview mirror, and then take
second look to make
sure the cop is gone. 

The meeting, the meeting! You shift into panic gear and take off like… oh,
well, just speeding a
little, because you don't want to get caught for speeding with an expired
auto tag. But you get to
the meeting, only a couple of minutes late. Everyone is sitting around the
conference table, and
the only seat available is near the head of the table next to the VP from
Human Resources--and
nobody wants to sit next to the VP. It's a long way to that seat near the
head of the table, and all
eyes are on you, as you rush toward your seat, whispering something like,
'Sorry, I'm late.' 

Why do people schedule meetings first thing on Monday morning? Why do they
meetings on Mondays, at all? And that was supposed to be a consensus
meeting on employee
benefits. Consensus meeting? Ha! That meeting was governed by only two
laws: The Law of
Avoidance and the Law of Delay. 

You get back to your office, a bit worn-out, a bad case of the Monday
morning syndrome. You
sit at your desk and turn on your mind appliance. Your planner shows that
your day is full of
appointments, and your To-Do list is overflowing. Another look, and you
find yourself buried
under a ton of e-mail that's waiting to be read and answered. The world is
spinning around you
faster and faster. You look away. The windows of your office offer you a
panoramic view of
the woods across the street. But even on that bright, crisp November
morning, the woods deny
you any form of solace. You close your eyes and silently repeat your
mantra, "Stay focused.
Stay focused. Stay focused…." 

If that description fits you to a T, then you are unmistakably Alison
Armstrong, a second-year
ASIS member, the 1998 John Kahles Membership Award winner, the 1998 and
Secretary, and this year's SOASIS Co-webmaster. 

It would be easy to believe that anyone who was born in Plainfield, New
Jersey, and who
considers herself a New Yorker, would be pretty much at peace in the midst
of a helter-skelter
world. But Alison has seemingly led the life of a nomad or that of a
coincidental tourist. She
does not remember Plainfield, has a vague recollection of Boyton Beach,
Florida, and guesses
she lived as a tot in Alexandria, Virginia. But like a true New Yorker,
Alison can brag that she
finished elementary school in Fort Washington, Long Island and graduated
from a high school
in Manhasset, New York, where her parents still live. 

Off to college in Madison, Wisconsin, a job-stop in Las Vegas--not as a
chorus girl or
croupier--and, what's to be, a very long layover in Cincinnati. Where does
the Amtrak go from
here? Can't think about that. Got to stay focused. And focused she is.
That's how Alison
Henahan Armstrong achieves her ambitious goals. 

No surprise, here. The entire Henahan family is a bunch of achievers.
Father is in the restaurant
business, and mother works in the retail business. As for the Henahan
children? Let's start at the
top: Katie sells printing. David does media/PR for the central
administrative unit of the State
University of New York. Alison, (more about her later). Matthew works for
Solomon Smith
Barney out of their London office. Molly teaches History and Women's
Studies at a boarding
school in Connecticut. Tim works as a cook in the East Village. That's it!
That's plenty! 

Alison loves to read. Give her a book, and she's happy--there is nothing
better than the English
language. That's why she chooses to get her B.A. degree in English from
the University of
Wisconsin at Madison. Then, she thinks that libraries are full of books,
and that leads to an
M.A. degree in Library and Information Studies from the same university.
After that, it's time for
what all students in library schools dream about and dread most: finding a

As Lady Luck would have it, Alison Armstrong goes to Las Vegas and gets
lucky. She finds an
exciting position at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and spents
seven lucky years there.
She starts as an Instruction and Reference Librarian, moves to the
position of Acting Head of
Library Instruction, and, in less than a year, she is promoted to Head of
Library Instruction,
with additional responsibilities as Co-Chair of the Teaching, Learning
Reference Team. Tenure
follows that promotion. 

But Alison wants challenges. She wants to develop goals, plan for the
future. And you can
guess the rest. The University of Cincinnati (UC) offers Alison a
challenging position and a
promising career as Head of the Training and Educational Services
Department. Naturally,
Alison accepts UC's offer. 

Alison's job at UC is big and challenging. And she loves it. She is
responsible for the
development, communication, organization, implementation, and evaluation
of library education
and training for UC's University Libraries. She also teaches workshops for
faculty, staff, and
students. Add to that the newly created position of the University
Libraries' Coordinator for the
OhioLEARN Project, a distributed learning MLS program from Kent State
University with
Bowling Green State, Ohio University, and OhioLINK. Add to that working on
three grants.
Add to that a slew of publications and presentations. Add to that several
memberships in
university committees and groups. Add to that more memberships and active
participation in
eight professional societies--she is the incoming President-elect of ALA's
Library Instruction
Round Table. Add…. Stop! What Alison needs is a bigger planner, and what
we need is a
bigger calculator. 

Even in her whirlwind life, Alison manages to find time to enjoy shopping
and reading. She likes
to read military history, biography, and fiction, and would like to earn
an M.A. degree in English
Literature. Currently, she is reading "Women Who Wrote the War." She likes
to bake cookies,
brownies, and muffins, and enjoys watching all kinds of sports,
particularly college football and
professional golf. Alison is now training daily for the Flying Pig
Marathon in May, which she
expects to win. She is that focused. 

But Alison's true love is her 14-year old daughter Drew, a freshman at St.
Ursula's Academy.
Drew is an excellent student who is also a member of the school's rowing
disciplined, always a winner. 

Alison says that she is privileged to work at UC and she is grateful for
her life. To that we say,
SOASIS is grateful for having Alison as one of its most contributing
members, and that it is
always our privilege when we work with her. 


by James Cretsos 

It takes a good organic chemist to synthesize a novel chemical compound.
And it takes the right
molecules and the right thermodynamic conditions to create a revolutionary
new product. And
the new ASIS Student Chapter at the University of Kentucky is ASIS' new

Long-time ASIS member and loyal volunteer Dr. Timothy Sineath was one
major ingredient. Dr.
Sineath is the Director of the School of Library and Information Science
at the University of
Kentucky. It was Dr. Sineath's encouragement and strong support that paved
the way to
founding ASIS' newest student chapter. 

The Faculty at the University of Kentucky and, especially, Dr. Gerry
Benoit, the student
chapter's faculty advisor, were also parts of the successful formula.
Their enthusiasm and
encouragement helped create the right environment for the students to get
the feeling of
belonging to the information profession. 

The 56 Students of the School of Library and Information Science at the
University of
Kentucky were the live molecules that turned a dream into reality, simply
by their electing to join
the Association for Information Science. Without them, there would
not be an ASIS
Student Chapter at the University of Kentucky. 

A farsighted SOASIS Board, whose members included Victoria Whipple, Jim
Cretsos, Elna
Saxton, Alison Armstrong, Marianna Wells, Yvonne Davis, John Tebo, Karen
Ruud Marsh, and
Barbara Davis, supplied the support mechanism and opened the doors to

But the key ingredient and the rare catalyst to this complex chemical
reaction could only be
packaged in one of the University of Kentucky's most dynamic student
leaders, Kitty
McClanahan. She provided the energy and the drive that helped generate an
student movement. It was primarily Kitty's unrelenting efforts that
produced this phenomenal
success. Kitty McClanahan made the difference. 

All of this would not have been possible without the expert guidance and
generous support
given by ASIS Chapter Assembly Director, Julie Hurd, and Deputy Director,
Douglas Kaylor.
And SOASIS applauds the unanimous approval of the ASIS Board of Directors
to charter the
ASIS Student Chapter at the University of Kentucky. 

Never in the history of ASIS has there been such an overwhelmingly
successful chartering of an
ASIS chapter or student chapter. And the students at the University of
Kentucky deserve all the
credit. Despite extraordinary school workloads and severe time
constraints, there were able to
set new ASIS student chapter standards, under the able leadership of
Student Chapter Chair,
Kitty McClanahan. Here is what they have done in just two months: 
· Signed a petition to form an ASIS student chapter at the University of
· Formed a cadre of student chapter officers 
· Helped develop a petition document to charter an ASIS student chapter 
· Held a technical program on "Computers, Networks, Grids, and Portals" in
· Planned a technical program for December 
· Looked into the future 

These ASIS student members are the future of ASIS, and the future is now! 


Chapter Assembly Meeting: October 31, 1999 
by Yvonne Davis, Chapter Assembly Representative 

In addition to the presentation of chapter awards, the annual assembly
recognized outgoing
chapter chairs with certificates. There were the annual reports presented
by the Assembly
director and deputy director. Also, the ASIS Board approved, before the
Chapter Assembly,
the use of electronic chapter elections as well as traditional paper
ballot elections. 

For the Southern Ohio, the big thrill was the motion to charter a student
chapter at the
University of Kentucky. After approval by the Chapter Assembly, this
motion was later
presented to the ASIS Board of Directors. The Board passed the motion
before the Annual
Meeting ended. 


Hats Off To Our 1999 Loyal SOASIS Volunteers! 

SOASIS runs on premium fuel: Loyal Volunteers. Some of SOASIS' volunteers
are brand new
members and many of them are members of long-standing. Among them, seven
have held the
top leadership position in our Chapter*, and continue to contribute. Many
volunteers chose to
wear several SOASIS hats. So, our hats off to our Loyal Volunteers! 

Alison Armstrong- Secretary 
Patricia Carter- Programs 
Jim Cretsos*- Chair-elect; MEMALERT; Member Records; Programs; Student
Barbara Davis*- Membership 
Yvonne Davis*- Chapter Assembly; Workshops 
Earl Einhaus- Web Page 
Megan Fitzpatrick- Awards 
Ed Garten- OCLIS 
Carol Johnson- Awards 
Karen Ruud Marsh*- Awards 
Kitty McClanahan- Student Chapter 
Angela Myatt- Awards; Programs 
Elna Saxton*- Past Chair; Newsletter; Nominations; Programs 
Tim Sineath- Student Chapter 
John Tebo*- Chapter Assembly; Nominations 
Marrianna Wells- Treasurer; Awards 
Victoria Whipple*- Centennial Chair 


Awards Committee Report 

Karen Marsh 
Chair, Awards Committee 

The Awards Committee awarded the following awards at the 1999 SOASIS
Annual Business
Meeting: SOASIS Outstanding Member Award: Elna Saxton; John Kahles
Membership Award:
Jim Cretsos; and Heberle Eyles leadership Award: Victoria Whipple.
Certificates of merit were
given to Marjo van Patten and Patricia Carter. Anniversary Recognition
Awards (boxed ASIS
pin): Theodore Allan Morris - 5 years, Edward D. Garten - 10 years, Marjo
M. van Patten - 20
years, James M. Cretsos - 40 years. Board Members and Meeting hosts were
given a gift in
recognition of their efforts: Marianna Wells, Alison Armstrong, Victoria
Whipple, Kitty
McLanahan, and Tim Sineath. 

The Awards Committee also submitted successful nomination on behalf of
Doug Kaylor for
National ASIS James M. Cretsos Leadership Award. Doug received the award
at the ASIS
National Conference in October. 

Award Committee members Marianna Wells, Angela Myatt, and Megan
Fitzpatrick were
thanked for their participation on the Committee. 


Officers of the ASIS Student Chapter at the University of Kentucky 

Chair: Karen "Kitty" J. McClanahan 
Kitty was born in Burbank, California. 
She expects to graduate in December 2001. 
After graduation, the sky is the limit, and Kitty is keeping her options
open. She is interested in
medical informatics, information brokering, and teaching at the college or
university level. Kitty
is seriously considering going on for the new information-track
Communications Ph.D., now
being offered at the University of Kentucky. 

Co-Chair, Programs: Lillian R. Messner 
Lillian was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York. 
She expects to graduate in 2001. 
Lillian has an M.L.S. degree, and is studying computer science. 
After graduation, Lillian expects to go into the business of abstracting,
indexing, and some

Co-Chair, Programs: Christine Ryan 
Chris was born in Cleveland, Ohio. 
She expects to graduate in December 2000. 
Chris has a B.S. degree in Mathematics, and has done graduate work in
After graduation, Chris hopes to land a position in an academic library,
and is especially
interested in working in a special library, with emphasis in
scientific/technological areas. 

Secretary: Melissa Rabey 
Melissa was born in Delaware. 
She expects to graduate in August 2000. 
After graduation, Melissa hopes to work in an academic library, where she
could combine her
interests in cataloging, the World Wide Web, and public service. 

Treasurer: Lesley Wolfgang-Jackson 
Lesley was born in Atlanta, Georgia. 
She expects to graduate in August 2001. 
Lesley, who has an M.A. degree in German, hopes to combine her language
skills and
proficiency with LIS skills to work as a foreign language department
liaison in an academic
library. And because she is also highly interested in museum archival
work, she would not mind
working in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. 


10/1/98 - 10/25/99 

Summary of Account Balance Over Seven Years 

Date Balance Net Gain or  
1992 $3,463.93 $574.06 
1993 $3,457.83 <$6.10> 
1994 $8,314.25 $4,856.42 
1995 $7,403.84 <$910.41> 
1996 $7,759.66 $355.82 
1997 $ 6,186.75 <$1,572.91> 
1998 $4,734.26 <$1,452.49> 

BEGINNING BALANCE AS OF 10/1/98……………. $4,734.26 


Chapter Rebates (Dues Allocation) $284.72 
Chapter Meetings $1,104.75 
Interest on Account $108.03 
Transfer to Checking Account $500.00 

TOTAL………………………………………………….. $1,997.50 


Chapter Meetings $1,093.11 
Encumbrance for 10/21/99 Meeting (not yet paid) $188.32 
Other Meetings $39.23 
Publication Expenses $95.60 
Award Expenses $45.00 
Awards in Cash $175.00 
Transfer from Savings Account $500.00 
Postage for Mailing Ballot $12.54 

TOTAL………………………………………………….. $2148.80 

NET LOSSES………………………………………….. $151.30 

ENDING BALANCE AS OF 10/25/99……………….. $4,771.28 
(Does not include encumbrance for 10/21/99 Meeting) ($4582.96) 

Pins 8 
Logos 2 
Mugs 10 

Respectfully Submitted 
November 16, 1999 
Megan Fitzpatrick, Treasurer 


SOASIS 2000 
Officers & Committee Chairs 

Chair: Jim Cretsos, phone: 513-791-8244; email: cretsos@fuse.net 

Chair-elect/Program Chair: Theodore Morris, phone: 513-558-0177; email:

Secretary: Angela Myatt, phone: 513-558-0764; email: angela.myatt@uc.edu 

Treasurer: Megan Fitzpatrick, phone: 513-558-0975; email:

Past Chair: Victoria Whipple, phone: 937-443-8091; email:

Assembly Representative: Yvonne Davis, phone: 513-287-3494; email:

Alternate Assembly Representative: John Tebo, phone: 513-556-1494; email:

Archives: Yvonne Davis, phone: 513-287-3494; email: ydavis@fuse.net 

Awards Committee Chair: Glen Horton, phone: 513-751-4422: email:

Financial Auditor: Yvonne Davis, phone: 513-287-3494; email:

Membership Committee Chair: Jill Sellers, phone: 937-865-6800; email:

Newsletter Editor: Elna Saxton, phone: 513-556-1413; email:

Nominations Committee Chair: Victoria Whipple, phone: 937-433-8091; email:

Student Chapter Liaison: John Tebo, phone: 513-556-1494; email:

Think Group Chair: Barbara Davis, phone: 513-381-2838; email:

Webmaster: Alison Armstrong, phone: 513-556-1761; email:

Webmaster: Glen Horton, phone: 513-751-4422; email: ghorton@one.net 

Workshops Committee Chair: Douglas Kaylor, phone: 937-775-3142; email: