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Volume 20, Number 3  September, 1999

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Message from the Chair:

I recently completed the Annual Activities Report and nomination packet for the ASIS Chapter of the Year award. Of course I think SOASIS deserves the honor, but unfortunately that decision is not mine to make. I really enjoyed reviewing all that SOASIS has done in the past year. To step back and review all the programs SOASIS has sponsored, all the committee and board meetings that were conducted, the new member recruiting, the newsletters that were produced--not to mention SOASIS contributions to the ASIS-wide membership--was just amazing. I am truly impressed by the efforts and dedication of SOASIS members not only to the chapter, but also to ASIS as a whole, and most importantly to the information profession. I want to thank each and every member for the contributions made to the chapter and to ASIS as a whole. It is truly an honor to be a member of such an outstanding group. Keep up the good work!

Victoria Whipple


MEMBER PROFILE: Karen Ruud Marsh
By Jim Cretsos
She was born and raised in London, now living and working in the United States--a proud U.S. citizen. Yet, there is not a trace of a Brit in her, a true Londoner, nonetheless. She can direct you easily to the small quaint shops on Exeter Road, the bookshops on Oxford Street, the Covent Garden Market or to the boathouses on the banks of Thames. She knows every inch of the lush green lawns of Victoria Park and Hyde Park, and she claims Broughdale Meadows as her childhood playground. You might think this is the London that you know. But this London does not have a Buckingham Palace. This is London, Ontario, Canada--a smaller mirror image of London, England.
And this Londoner is Karen Ruud Marsh, an eight-year member of ASIS and one of SOASIS' most prominent leaders. She is blessed with a sharp mind, multifaceted talents, boundless energy, and exceptional skills for getting things done and done well and on time. She is a fearless leader who, like a fast-moving train, cannot be stopped. She is that tenacious. She generates success at every turn. And everything about her is eclectic (her favorite word)--it's eclectic this, eclectic that.
Even her own family is eclectic, as if Karen has carefully chosen her parents and siblings. Her father, Charles Ruud, is professor of Russian history at the University of Western Ontario. Her mother, Marjorie--and you would never guess this--is a former librarian, now retired. (Surprise!) Her brother Paul is professor of econometrics at the University of California at Berkeley, and her sister, Kristi Cohen, is a homemaker and a teacher's assistant for developmentally challenged children. Isn't it eclectic?
Well read and well informed those Ruuds. Plenty of books around them. After all, the Broughdale Branch Library was only two doors down the street from the Ruud house. That library seemed like an extension of their living room. And with so many books available at arm's length, you couldn't help but develop eclectic reading tastes.
A park across the street and a public library two doors down from where she lives, and all that becomes heaven for precocious little Karen. And at 17--it was a very good year--she enters Oberlin College to earn a BA degree in Government (a political animal that Karen).
Go abroad. She is ready. Anytime. Ready to leave at the drop of a hat. And before graduation from Oberlin, she spends a semester at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont and living in the wild kingdom of Cameroon, West Africa.
Did we say Karen loves animals? No, not the political ones. The ones you see so often at the Cincinnati Zoo. Please do ask her what she did one summer, as if you don't already know the answer. Of course, she spent it at the Zoo, serving that great institution as an intern.
And, wouldn't you know it? It happened at the Zoo. There was lovable Dan. No, no, no! Not the dark Gorilla in that huge cage--though he was very cute, even with his fiery eyes. That Dan, over there, walking serenely among the colorful birds, naturally drawn to him as if he had some kind of mystical magnetism. Yes, that Dan, the one with 'Dan Marsh' on the nametag, the fellow intern at the Zoo. Falling in love at first sight. Falling in love among the birds. Love. Birds. Karen. Dan. Lovebirds. That makes sense.
Off she goes, again. This time Karen moves to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to work toward and receive an MS degree in Information and Library Studies from the University of Michigan. And Dan, smitten with all those qualities that render Karen unique among the human species, follows her to Ann Arbor, proposes marriage, and the rest, as they say, is history. They get married in Ann Arbor, honeymoon in Ann Arbor, and Karen finishes her degree in Ann Arbor. No wonder Ann Arbor is one of the favorite places that Karen and Dan choose when they go on vacation. Of course, there are also other favorite vacation spots: camping in Portland, Oregon--that's where Karen and Dan are spending most of September--and San Francisco, where one of Karen's brothers lives (actually Paul Ruud lives and teaches at Berkeley, but that's close enough).
In a world full of birds of assorted sizes and colors, it was the birds at the Cincinnati Zoo which were calling Dan Marsh back to Cincinnati. Those birds had grown wild since Dan left the Cincinnati Zoo. They had become highly undisciplined, fighting among themselves all the time. They needed Dan's serene influence and quest for order to put on their daily magic show. And Dan obliged them, flying back to Cincinnati from Ann Arbor, Karen in tow.
Dan is happy working at the Cincinnati Zoo as Programs Coordinator for the zoo's Education Department. The birds are happy because Dan is back. The millions who visit the Cincinnati Zoo are happy because Dan has helped create a happy environment both for the Homo sapiens and the rest of the animal kingdom. And Karen is…
Well, Karen is eclectic. And happy, too. Why not?
She's got the world on a string, doing what she loves best and serving the profession, stamping it with her unmistakable mark of excellence. Did we say she is talented? Of course we did. But it's worth repeating. She picks and chooses. Challenge after challenge, only to turn challenges into opportunities, which eventually are turned to gold.
Karen Marsh started her professional career at the University of Cincinnati Health Sciences Library as an Information and Education Services Librarian. And in less than six years she progressed to the position of a NetWellness Expert Coordinator, after a stint at Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia as Co-Director for Library Operations of the National Information Learning Center.
Thanks to her excellent training of medical personnel at the University of Cincinnati medical Center, the NetWellness program has developed an array of experts who can answer consumer health questions via the WWW. Karen has every right to be especially proud of her involvement with teens at the Hughes School for Teaching Professions. She spearheaded a project in which teens contribute Web pages on teen health topics. That program has been so successful that it received wide coverage by both print and TV media. That's a leader for you.
And Karen's professional leadership skills are abundant. Her professional activities in ASIS are nothing but a continuous series of successes: Chair of the student chapter at the University of Michigan (the year it won the ASIS Student Chapter-of-the-Year Award); Chair of the SOASIS Workshop Committee (the year SOASIS won the ASIS Best Chapter Event Award); SOASIS Secretary, Chair-elect, Chair, Past Chair; Chair of the SOASIS Nominations Committee; and Chair of the SOASIS Awards Committee. Add to that her current position of SIG/MED Chair-elect, and what you get is an exceptional leader and a loyal ASIS volunteer.
Not surprisingly, her fellow ASIS members have recognized Karen's outstanding contributions by bestowing upon her the SOASIS Heberle Eyles Leadership Award (1997); the Outstanding SOASIS Member Award (1998); and the SIG/MED Outstanding Member Award (1999).
Did we mention boundless energy? Yes, she's got it. In addition to all those professional endeavors, Karen is pursuing a Master of Business Administration with emphasis in marketing.
Efficient, too! When most of us struggle to meet the demands of a daily life, Karen seems to thrive under time pressure. Things get done, if by magic. She finds time to tend to her flower garden, fix things around the Marsh home in Clifton, go hiking, or run a marathon. And just for fun, Karen and Dan regularly attend performances at the Playhouse in the Park (liked "Thunder Knocking at the Door"); a movie or two (liked "An Ideal Husband" --she's got one); and listening to alternative rock and folk music. And, yes, reading books, currently Ian McEwan's "Enduring Love: a Novel" and, for class, "Financial Analysis."
But life for Karen can be bittersweet. Dan likes talk of the season when the cherry trees bloom in Japan. Cherry blossoms are very fleeting, and people sit beneath the trees, drink sake and appreciate their beauty while at the same time prepare to mourn their loss. It is called Hanami. That's odd because all we've seen in Karen is sweet. Very sweet, indeed!

Awards Committee Report

The Awards Committee has selected awardees for the Heberle Eyles Leadership Award, the SOASIS Outstanding Member Award, the John Kahles Membership Award, and two Special Awards. The award recipient names will remain a secret until the day of the SOASIS Annual Business Meeting and Awards Banquet on September 29th. The Awards Committee also nominated Doug Kaylor for the national Cretsos Leadership Award, which will be announced at the Annual ASIS Conference this November. The Committee's nomination went forward with much success! Doug will be honored at the upcoming Conference (see Members in the News column).
The Awards Committee hopes to see all of you on September 29th.
Karen Marsh
Chair, Awards Committee



Doug Kaylor, Recipient of the 1999 James M. Cretsos Leadership Award
SOASIS is very proud that one of its own will receive a national award during ASIS '99 in Washington, DC. Doug Kaylor is the recipient of the 1999 James M. Cretsos Leadership Award.
The award was established in 1992 to recognize new ASIS members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in professional ASIS activities. The award was named for James Cretsos, 1979 ASIS president and a long-time contributor to ASIS.
The SOASIS Awards Committee, with Karen Ruud Marsh as Chair, developed the SOASIS nomination for that award.
Congratulations, Doug!


Karen Ruud Marsh, Recipient of the 1999 SIG/MED Outstanding Member Award
Karen Ruud Marsh is among the first-time recipients of the 1999 SIG/MED Outstanding Member Award.
This award to be presented at ASIS '99, recognizes Karen's outstanding contributions to the Special Interest Group on Medical Informatics (SIG/MED).
Karen's citation reads, "Her dedication to the purpose of SIG/MED is not only manifest in the Outreach NetWellness Project and the special programs associated with it, but also to the extreme lengths she had to go through to get an outstanding SIG/MED program organized for the 1999 ASIS Annual Meeting."
This is the third year in a row that Karen receives an award for her contributions to ASIS.
Congratulations, Karen!


On July 19, 1999, SOASIS member Patricia Carter was awarded a LEXIS-NEXIS Certificate of Appreciation. It was to thank her "for the hard work and dedication of Service to the NEXIS Organization." It cited Patricia's work involving the May 13 SOASIS Program and her interview for the Queen City Gazette (Cincinnati SLA Chapter) as examples of outstanding service.
Congratulations, Patricia! SOASIS is also appreciative of your exemplary service to our Chapter.



Thanks to Julie Fore, of the ASIS Indiana Chapter (I-ASIS), SOASIS has its own discussion group. Julie is a former Chair of I-ASIS and one of ASIS' most loyal volunteers. She gave much of her time and effort to help establish SOASIS-L.
And thanks go to some high-spirited SOASIS members who responded to the call for volunteers. Elna Saxton, Megan Schenk, and Jim Cretsos are now the co-owners SOASIS-L, along with Julie Fore. Our server is located at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. There is no charge to SOASIS for supporting this discussion group on the server.
We invite our SOASIS members to use SOASIS-L whenever they want to announce events, news, job opportunities, express concerns or initiate a discussion on matters of interest to other members.
At this time, we have elected not monitor and block messages. However, if the message traffic on the SOASIS-L becomes heavy or messages cross the professional line, we will intervene and start filtering messages.
Subscription to SOASIS-L is free, and everyone in SOASIS who has an E-mail address has become automatically a subscriber. Should you wish to unsubscribe, please contact any of the co-owners of SOASIS-L or send the following command:



We are confident you want to have a link to the SOASIS communication chain.


Upcoming SOASIS Programs:

Wednesday, September 29, 1999
Young Library, University of Kentucky, Lexington
SOASIS Annual Meeting & Awards Ceremony
Dinner Meeting
Speaker: Suzie Allard, "Digital Libraries: Taming the Information Frontier for Users">br> Tour of the new $60 million Young Library--impressive design; a digital Taj Mahal
SOASIS Board Meeting-Chartering an ASIS Student Chapter at the University of Kentucky

Thursday, October 21, 1999
Cincinnati, Ohio
Workshop: Push Technology: Taming the Internet
12:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Watch your inboxes for more information on this SOASIS workshop!

November 16, 1999

LEXIS-NEXIS, Miamisburgh
Dinner Meeting
Speaker: Donald W. King, "Electronic Journals: Bytes out of Myths and Bits of Reality"
SOASIS Board Meeting

January 2000
Joint Meeting with the Cincinnati Chapter of SLA, Cincinnati
Date and venue to be determined; topic related to information profession in the new millennium
SOASIS Board Meeting

March 2000
Joint Meeting with the ASIS Indiana Chapter, Indianapolis
Date, venue, and topic to be determined
SOASIS Board Meeting

May 2000
Program in preliminary planning stages

September 2000
Program under consideration



This SOASIS initiative started in June as a service to chairs of ASIS chapters and SIGs, alerting them about new ASIS members who joined their respective groups.

The process has been streamlined, and new member reports go out on schedule. Feedback from the chairs of chapters and SIGs and from some new ASIS members have been positive. The sole technical glitch relates to few incorrect E-mail addresses. There is an effort underway to get corrected E-mail addresses from new members.

Members of the ASIS Board of Directors and the Headquarters staff have congratulated SOASIS for providing this invaluable service to the Society. A member of the ASIS Board of Directors has even suggested that other chapters may want to undertake this project.

There are four parts to this project:
1. Reformatting of member records
2. Alerting chairs of ASIS chapters
3. Alerting chairs of ASIS SIGs
4. Welcoming new members to ASIS and listing their primary contacts (names and addresses of specific chapter and SIG chairs)
use of the available form letters, each part of the project has been reduced to an electronic "copy and paste" task.

HELP! You are invited to participate in any part of this project by joining the ASIS MEMALERT Task Force. This is an opportunity for each of you to get name recognition among the leaders of chapters and SIGs and among new members. But the intangible benefits are even greater: you will be providing a unique and invaluable service to ASIS.

Join the ASIS MEMALERT Task Force by dropping a line to Jim Cretsos,


Chair: Victoria Whipple, phone: 937-433-8091; email:

Chair-Elect/Program Chair: Jim Cretsos, phone: 513-791-8244; email:

Past Chair: Elna Saxton, phone: 513-556-1413; email:

Secretary: Alison Armstrong, phone: 513-556-1761;

Treasurer: Marianna Wells, phone: 513-961-3350

Newsletter Editor: Elna Saxton (See Past-Chair)

Assembly Representative: Yvonne Davis, email:

Alternate Assembly Representative: John Tebo, phone: 513-556-1505; email:

Awards Committee Chair: Karen Ruud Marsh, phone: 513-558-3374; email:

Membership Committee Chair: Barbara J. Davis, email:

Nominations Committee Chair: Elna L. Saxton (see Past Chair)

Webmaster: Earl Einhaus, email:



Chair: James Cretsos

Chair-Elect: Theodore Morris, University of Cincinnati Academic Information Technology & Libraries

Treasurer: Megan Schenk, University of Cincinnati Academic Information Technology & Libraries

Secretary: Angela Myatt, University of Cincinnati Academic Information Technology & Libraries

Chapter Assembly Representative: Yvonne Michal Davis, Cinergy Corporation

Alternate Chapter Assembly Representative: John Tebo, University of Cincinnati


Elna L. Saxton 
soasis....on the move 
Newsletter Editor 
University of Cincinnati Libraries 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0033 Ph:513/556-1413 Fax:513/556-1505 


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