SOASIS....On the move

Volume 20, Number 1  March, 1999



  • Message from the Chair - Victoria Whipple
  • Douglas Kaylor, Member Profile - James Cretsos
  • In the News - Doug Kaylor, Chair of User Services Committee for OhioLINK
  • Program announcement - Knowledge Management
  • Digitization of Library Materials, program report - Yvonne Michal Davis
  • Membership Committee Chair Report - Barbara J. Davis
  • Board Meeting Minutes, January 21, 1999 - Alison Armstrong
  • Treasurer's report - Marianna Wells
  • SOASIS Board Members Contact List *****

    Message from the Chair - Victoria Whipple, Washington-Centerville Public Library

    Ah, spring! An exhilarating time of renewal and new life. As you watch the world around you thrive and be reborn this spring, don't forget that SOASIS can do the same for your professional life! Plan to attend the upcoming program on Knowledge Management to learn about this hot topic. You may learn some valuable tricks to use on the job, or perhaps be inspired to start a new project using knowledge management techniques. As you know, each and every SOASIS program is a chance to learn, to be inspired, and to gain knowledge to put new life into your career. The field of Information Science is blossoming, let SOASIS chase away the winter doldrums and breathe some new life into your corner of the field!


    Douglas Kaylor, ASIS Deputy Chapter Assembly Director - Member Profile submitted by James Cretsos

    He listens. He listens attentively. He listens a lot. And when he speaks, his voice is resonant and his phrases are measured by punctuation marks. He would never get caught using the adverb 'niggardly,' not because it might sound offensive to some, but because he can draw le juste mot to convey his message more precisely. He is Doug Kaylor, an eight-year SOASIS member and the recently-elected ASIS Deputy Chapter Assembly Director.

    Flash back to the early days of Dayton, Ohio, when Beavercreek was emerging from its sleepy, rural habitat into a burgeoning Dayton suburb. Both grandfather and father Kaylor owned a gas station, a thriving business that was destined to go to Doug. But Doug had other ideas. Though skilled with his hands, Doug did not want to become another mechanic. Besides, he wanted to pursue an occupation that kept him warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

    "What can you do with a degree in English?" his father asked him when he learned that Doug was planning to go to college to study literature, instead of learning how to fine-tune car engines. Doug relied on his rhetorical skills and his sense of argument to put that question to rest. He could go on and become a lawyer or enter the foreign service. Teach, perhaps. Parental disappointment? Not really. Doug's mother, an office manager for a local school supplies store, made sure her children Doug and Diane, who now lives and works for ASME in New York City, were provided with every opportunity to excel, whatever career paths they chose.

    Career path? How about a narrow, twisted, uneven, uphill path to the top of the mountain? There were dark days ahead for Doug, after he earned his BA degree in English from the University of Cincinnati. He had to find a job. Any job.

    Doug spent his first five professional years working for the NCR Credit Union in Dayton as a Loan and Credit Counselor--a euphemism for debt collector. But he wanted a better, more intellectually-rewarding way to make a living. Lawyer. Diplomat, living in some exotic foreign land. Teacher, surrounded by books on poetry and other fine literature. Books. Where else could one find more books than in a library--a work environment that is always warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Finally, a smoothly paved boulevard to a career in librarianship opened up for Doug. He was off to Knoxville and on the road to earn his MLS from the University of Tennessee and a series of jobs in libraries.

    First, there was a stint as a Business Reference Librarian at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland--a library of his choice in a city not of his choice. The work at Pratt was fine, but unlike the Dayton area--a great place to live, but not a place you would want to visit--Baltimore, in Doug's Midwestern view, was neither a good place to live nor a nice place to visit. Baltimore was simply not Midwestern enough, and Dayton was calling him back.

    Maceto, a government contractor headquartered in California, enticed Doug to return to Dayton and work as a Project Manager for a library automation project for the Air Force Technical Library at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Next step to his career path was a position as Hospital Librarian at the Kettering Medical Center in Dayton, followed by several positions at the Wright State University Fordham Health Sciences Library. In 1985, Doug moved to the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library at Wright State, serving in a number of library slots, before attaining his current position as Head of Reference and Instruction. In that capacity, Doug oversees a department of 15 full- and part-time people, responsible for reference service, bibliographic instruction, and faculty liaison.

    In addition to his current managerial duties, Doug chairs his library's LIBNET Editorial Board, which is responsible for the design, maintenance, and development of the University Libraries' information network. For the past several years, he has represented Wright State at the Ohio Library and Information Network (OhioLINK), a consortium of 74 Ohio college and university libraries. He has served on many OhioLINK committees and task forces, and is the current Chair of OhioLINK User Services Committee.

    Doug Kaylor is a member of ASIS and ALA and its divisions, ACRL and LITA. But ASIS is his primary professional organization. He has served SOASIS as its representative to the ASIS Chapter Assembly and to the Ohio Council for Library and Information Services (OCLIS), having served the latter as vice chair and chair. At the ASIS national level, Doug has served on the Leadership Development Committee and has worked as Chapter Advisor for the Michigan, Texas, and three Ohio chapters, until his recent election to the office of Deputy Chapter Assembly Director. In his new capacity, he will represent the Chapter Assembly on the ASIS Awards & Honors Committee. He will also serve on the jury for the Watson Davis Award. A member of SOASIS, Doug also holds memberships in SIG/CR, SIG/CRS, and SIG/MGT.

    Outside his professional endeavors, Doug is an active member of his church, which he also serves as its web master. But his greatest involvement revolves around the Masonic fraternity, having served it in a number of leadership posts in several Masonic organizations. That involvement represents a family legacy, as his family has been involved in the Masons for several generations. He is currently the Master Mason of his lodge, and has made a 10-year commitment to remain in the Dayton area and serve his lodge.

    Bachelor? He is not. Eligible? Certainly not. Is there a family life? Of course! Doug is happily married to Diana (second marriage for both), whom he met at work: Love discovered among the books of the Dunbar Library. Perhaps it happened when each was looking for that same book, and fell upon a book with the probable title, "Love Is Lovelier, the Second Time Around." But even if there is no such a book, life has been great for Diana and Doug since the DDs committed themselves to marriage. Ask Doug about his married life, and he'll interrupt you this time to state that Diana and Allison, his step-daughter, are the most important people in his life. Watching Allison grow up is one of Doug's most enjoyable aspects of his personal life. He wished he could put Allison's childhood experiences in a bottle and open it over and over again.

    That's a family life of contentment for Doug, except when his sister Diane comes to visit. Family tranquility is broken because our articulate Doug Kaylor is unable to correctly identify who is Diane and who is Diana. During those visits, it's not uncommon for Doug to address his wife as 'Diane' and his sister as 'Diana.' Please don't ask why. Only Steven Pinker, the MIT cognitive psychologist and author of "The Language Instinct" and "How the Mind Works," can explain that.

    The Kaylor family life revolves around Miamisburg, a good place to live, a place where one feels comfortable enough to pick up the phone and talk to the mayor on issues related to the community. Family activities and responsibilities aside, the Kaylors manage to get away to the Smokies for vacation, catch a movie (most recent, "Saving Private Ryan"), or listen to music--from classical to alternative (Allison's favorite). Doug, however, prefers Bach's cello suites or operas by Verdi and Mozart. As for books, please don't ask him for recommendations. He is an avid Jane Austen fan, having read all of her books and still enjoying rereading "Pride and Prejudice." He is now reading T.E. Lawrence's "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom."

    Immersed in sports as a youth--football and basketball--Doug finds mature life being more conducive to less rigorous, non-contact athletic activities. Fly fishing is by far his favorite, hoping to take more lessons, learn to tie flies, and even catch a fish or two. Then there is golf, which admittedly is his greatest challenge. Do ask him, and please do, about his first carry. No, it was not measured in yards. Inches would be far more accurate. That means taking more golf lessons, and practicing more. But all that takes time, time that is increasingly in short supply for Doug.

    So when you see Doug standing at your front door, he is not there to collect a debt or even ask you to be part of a golf foursome. He has come to offer you an opportunity to serve ASIS, and discover, as he did, the innumerable benefits that come from active participation. But if your name happens to be Diana or Diane or Di, don't be surprised if Doug makes a smart about-face and leaves you to go fly fishing.


    In the News:
    Doug Kaylor is the new Chair of the User Services Committee for OhioLINK.
    (Courtesy of Marjo van Patten)


    Program Announcement:
    Joint Indiana-SOASIS meeting on KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, March 24, 1999, 4:00 pm-6:00 pm. University of Cincinnati Faculty Club. Watch your mailboxes for the program flyer.


    Digitization of Library Materials - Report of SOASIS Program at the University of Cincinnati, January 21, 1999: By Yvonne Michal Davis©, SOASIS Representative

    Alice Cornell, University Archivist and Head of the Archives and Rare Books Department (ARBD) of the University of Cincinnati, led attendees at this SOASIS meeting through a demonstration of the department's latest product in digital technology, "George Carlin: The Printed Works." The two CD set contains over 600 paintings and artifacts of Native American works by Mr. Carlin who painted during the 19th century.

    The CD set consists of images of letters, notes, travel logs, the actual artwork and a bibliography. The CD product has a database approach, meaning users begin access to the product with a multi-linked catalog screen and Search Wizards. From that point, users can search by keyword and subject. Text documents are in the PDF format, and can be printed. A low resolution has been instituted for printing images to prevent forgery. A 21" color monitor is recommended for best resolution. So far, 1,000 disk sets have been pressed, and publicity and advertising have been limited to academic and historical publications.

    With this initial project completed after two years of hard work, the ARBD staff is not sitting on their laurels. The staff is in the process of writing their own software to improve the index and search capabilities for future products. The new software will be designed to bring distance collections together, helping patrons search in one domain. Other future projects include joint collaboration with the Detroit Institute of Art and digitization of more artifacts from other Midwestern U.S. artists.

    The SOASIS meeting concluded with a guided tour of the University of Cincinnati's digital press facilities.

    NB: The UCDP was present as an exhibitor at the ALA Mid-Winter Conference in Philadelphia. Their display was very sharp! (Courtesy of Alison Armstrong)


    Membership Chair Report - Barbara J. Davis, Director of Information Services Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

    "...Start Spreading the News!" As chair of the SOASIS Membership Committee, I have high hopes of building on the efforts of Jim Cretsos and last year's membership committee. SOASIS has lots to offer: Professional growth and Continuing Education; Networking and Job Announcements; Professional Journals to keep you on top of state-of-the-art research. If you are currently a member, stay connected! If you haven't yet joined, we invite you to attend one of the SOASIS Chapter's upcoming programs. See the program announcements elsewhere in this newsletter or call me at (513)357-9403 and I'll send you information.

    We want you to "be a part of it..." SOASIS is where you need to be to prepare for information delivery in the next millenium.


    SOASIS Board Meeting Minutes 1/21/99

    Present - Victoria Whipple, Chair; Jim Cretsos, Karen Marsh, Yvonne Davis, Elna Saxton, Alison Armstrong, Marianna Wells


    Update about 11/18 draft minutes - final copy sent prior to board meeting with incorporated suggestions from Jim Cretsos.

    Jim reviewed our list of participants registered for today's program. We want to be sure to make all our guests feel welcome, especially those who are not yet SOASIS members and those who have traveled a distance to be here today.

    Membership Committee (B. Davis) Not in attendance/no report. Jim passed out three pages with membership information (to be attached).

    Technical Programs Committee: Program Plans for Calendar 1999

    The Technical Programs Planning Committee met on December 10 at the University of Cincinnati to plan the SOASIS technical programs for the coming year. All committee members were present: Patricia Carter, Angela Myatt, Elna Saxton, and Jim Cretsos.

    Jim Cretsos reported the results of a recent member survey on technical programs and meeting venues and distributed handouts of a two-page summary. He stressed SOASIS Board's mandate to try to get local speakers for programs and to budget meetings so they would not be a financial drain to the Chapter.

    The committee discussed several program options and venues, including a joint meeting with the Indiana Chapter, I-ASIS (to help revitalize it) and another joint meeting with the Central and Northern Ohio chapters, OASIS (to help promote inter-chapter cooperation). Additionally, the committee explored program possibilities at the University of Kentucky and possible future speaking visits by former ASIS presidents Clifford Lynch and Donald King.

    Additionally, the committee discussed meeting dates, venues, publicity and promotion, and meeting arrangements. It was agreed to have each member of the committee responsible for at least one meeting (inviting speakers, making meeting arrangements, and being the master of ceremonies for the meeting). It was decided to promote future meetings electronically to SOASIS members and listservs and through distribution of printed fliers to major institutions and those SOASIS members without e-mail addresses. Responsibilities for publicity and promotion were assigned to the following:
    OPLIN - Victoria Whipple
    GCLC & ASIS-L - Elna Saxton
    MEDLIB - Angela Myatt
    SLA - Patricia Carter
    SOASIS Membership & Web Page; Printed Fliers - Jim Cretsos

    The following is a tentative updated schedule of the 1999 SOASIS Technical Programs:
    January 21- 4:00 p.m. - "Current Trends in Digitization of Library Materials" - University of Cincinnati
    March 24 - 4:00 p.m. - Joint meeting with I-ASIS - "Knowledge Management" - University of Cincinnati
    May 13 - 5:30 p.m. (with optional dinner to follow) - Topic to be selected from among top hot topics - Lexis-Nexis
    September 29: early p.m. - SOASIS Panel on information careers; possible speaker from U.K.; student recruitment; visit to U.K. new library - University of Kentucky, Lexington
    November, week of 14-20 - early p.m. - "Electronic Journals" - Miamisburg-Kettering

    An OASIS full-day workshop to be held in the Columbus is being planned for the fall, and having a visiting speaker during the year is ALSO being considered.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Technical Programs Committee: Patricia Carter, Angela Myatt, Elna Saxton, and Jim Cretsos, Chair

    Newsletter (Elna) Next issue due in March. Call for submissions will be sent out in Feb. Jim asked if his column about people - should it continue as is or be more "formal" in tone? The board strongly supported keeping the column as is! Doug Kaylor's next up.

    Nominations & Elections (Elna) Elna has asked for more members to the group. Alison has agreed to join & Elna hasn't yet heard from 2nd person.

    Workshops (Yvonne) Suggestions included a day for "train the trainers". What about filtering or push technology … how to help people teach "technology". The format may be to have a morning speaker, lunch & afternoon workshop. People could go to either or both sessions. Who could do a workshop & what would attract people? What can our budget support? Use ASIS webpage as suggestion list? Email Yvonne with topics. She'll need help creating a brochure & with doing the mailing.

    Awards (Karen) They are reviewing this year's information & looking at Jim's lovely files from last year. Most of the committee is assembled but she's looking for some other members. Marianna agreed to serve. Angela Myatt will be helping and maybe Megan Schenk. Need to economize in some areas & she'll bring back some proposals to the Board.

    Treasurer's Report (Marianna) No activity or movement of money since last meeting. Balances - savings $600.65 checking $4053.99.

    From Yvonne - Consideration for board - in recognition to Marianna she should go to all events free. Vote approved but up to Marianna to abide. SOASIS wished to show its expression of appreciation to Marianna.

    Any fund raising suggestions?

    Jim suggested we send a note from SOASIS to the new director (1st woman) of Hamilton County/Cinci City Public Libraries. Need an article for our digital press program. Yvonne will write the article for SLA newsletter with deadline Feb 15th.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Alison Armstrong
    SOASIS Secretary


    Treasurer's Report - Marianna Wells

    Balance stands at $4,764.34, an increase of $30.08 (interest earned) since last report.



    Chair:	Victoria Whipple
    	Reference Librarian
    	Washington-Centerville Public Library
    	111 W. Spring Valley Rd.
    	Centerville, OH 45458
    Chair-Elect/Program Chair:
    	Jim Cretsos
    	10701 Adventure Lane
    	Cincinnati, OH 45242
    Past Chair:
    	Elna Saxton
    	Head, Periodical Services Department
    	University of Cincinnati Libraries
    	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033
    	Alison Armstrong
    	Head, Training & Education Services
    	University of Cincinnati Libraries
    	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033
    	Marianna Wells
    	3517 Clifton Ave. #1
    	Cincinnati, OH 45220-1709
    Newsletter Editor:
    	Elna Saxton (See Past-Chair)
    Assembly Representative:
    	Yvonne Davis
    	1593 Oak Knoll Dr. #2
    	Cincinnati, OH 45224
    Alternate Assembly Representative:
    	John Tebo
    	Head, Chemistry & Biology Library
    	University of Cincinnati Libraries
    	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0151
    Awards Committee Chair:
    Karen Ruud Marsh
    Academic Information Technology & Libraries
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0574
    Membership Committee Chair:
    Barbara J. Davis
    Director of Information Services
    Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
    1800 Star Bank Center
    425 Walnut Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Nominations Committee Chair:
    	Elna L. Saxton (see Past Chair)
    	Earl Einhaus
    	3927 Brotherton Rd.
    	Cincinnati, OH 45209

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