SOASIS....On the move

Volume 19, Number 3/4  December, 1998



MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR SOASIS....on the move. What an appropriate slogan for the Southern Ohio Chapter of the Association for Information Science.

On the move....SOASIS was a growing organization last year, gaining not only new members but new geographical territory as well. The quality programs offered, and the quality people who are involved will surely attract even more new members!

On the move....Some of the programs being planned for the year will take us to different places--literally! A joint program is being planned with the Indiana chapter and we'll be holding a program in Kentucky. For those who prefer to expand their minds from close to home, programs on digital presses and electronic journals can be eagerly anticipated.

On the move....SOASIS members are movers and shakers in their profession. Not only does SOASIS offer great learning opportunities through its programs, it offers you a chance to learn from other members. The variety of positions SOASIS members hold allows you to keep up with the latest developments in various arenas of information science--from academic and public libraries to major online database providers to webmasters.

On the move....There are numerous opportunities within SOASIS to expand your knowledge and expertise and to help SOASIS maintain its high standards for members and activities. You may wish to serve on a committee or run for an office--these are wonderful learning opportunities and are open to you whether you've been a member for 30 years or 3 days! Contact me if you are interested in becoming more involved. With your involvement we can serve you better!

On the move....Into the next millenium. I look forward to working and learning with all of you in 1999!

--Victoria Whipple


Angela E. Myatt, Information Services Librarian, Academic Instruction Technology & Libraries, University of Cincinnati

Gary L. Austin, Extended Campus Librarian, Camden Carroll Library, Morehead State University

Glendon Desmond Horton, LAN Analyst, Dunbar Library, Wright State University

Gary L. Stottlemyer, Head of Library Automation, University of Cincinnati


Take a skinny seven-year-old girl, dump her in a swimming pool, and let her sink or swim. She swims, of course. She takes to the water like a baby dolphin, naturally and gracefully. She catches the eye of a swimming coach. "That kid has potential," he says, "she's very talented."

"What's her name?" demands the coach.

"Oh, that's our little Victoria," replies a proud father. "Victoria Young is her name. She's my daughter."

Father and coach gaze at the pool that is now full of kids: kids who took in too much water and trying to cough it out; kids standing in the shallow end of the pool and using their tiny hands to rub their eyelids vigorously, as if that action could remove the burning sensation of chlorine from their eyes.

Then, there is little Victoria, all by herself, swimming in deep waters, like a happy puppy paddling on all fours. She's short of breath, but determined as ever to reach the edge at the deep end of the pool. And as she does, she turns her head around and flashes a big, victorious smile. Victorious Victoria. How fitting!

"I want to see you working out in the pool every day. Do you hear me, Victoria?" yells the coach.

"Yes, sir!" she screams back with all the might her tiny lungs could muster.

All that is now part of Victoria's early life: Swim, swim, swim. Every day, after school. Every day, from the second grade on--all the way to her first year in college. Train, train, train. First, she made the school swimming teams. Swim, swim, swim. And, as if all that training was not enough, there were also swimming summer camps. Swim, swim, swim. That training discipline paid off big dividends. First, came the ribbons and then, the medals. Victoria was that tiny natural sprinter who could swim the 100-yard-freestyle in just 54 seconds.

Victorious Victoria helped put Gardner on the map. That's Gardner, Massachusetts, a furniture-manufacturing city of 20,000 people, 30 miles north of Worcester. If you had bothered to examine the trophy case at Gardner High School, you would become aware that those first-place swimming team victories could not have been possible without Victoria's sustained efforts to win the gold. And the gold she won, swimming meet after swimming meet.

The Youngs were enmeshed in the city of Gardner: mother was the nurse at Gardner High School and father, the city engineer for Gardner. Though a close-knit family, the Youngs encouraged their children to spread their wings and reach their respective goals in life. Older brother, the serious one, moved to California and now works for Charles Schwab & Co. in San Francisco. One younger brother is still pursuing his dreams in Bradenton, Florida. A second younger brother is an actor in Manhattan, a singer/dancer who has appeared in many touring Broadway musical productions, including, "A Chorus Line" and "The Wizard of Oz."

Like the rest of her siblings, Victoria made her own path. With a BA degree in International Relations (minor in Russian) from Boston College, she pursued her graduate studies in library science, earning a MLS degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. That was a noteworthy achievement for Victoria, especially since she worked full-time at the University of North Carolina Health Sciences Library and, at the same time, carried a three-quarter load of graduate studies. Naturally, there was no time for swimming then, but she managed to keep fit by bicycling to and from school and work.

Victoria had a brief stint as a library consultant for the Orange County Literacy Council in Carrboro, North Carolina. Then, she spent two years as an information services librarian at the University of Cincinnati Health Sciences Libraries. Last year, she moved to the Washington-Centerville Public Library (WCPL) in Centerville, Ohio where she now works as a reference librarian. The work at WCPL is demanding, with Victoria having to split her time between the Washington and the Centerville branches of the library. But the work is also most satisfying because Victoria's diverse responsibilities include reference and consultation service, collection development, coordination and cataloging of the foreign language collections, and instruction on the Internet and electronic library services.

Somewhere in her dizzily paced world, Victoria has managed to find the time to get married. The groom happened to be Charles Whipple, a fellow Victoria knew when they were both back in Massachusetts. Charles, a reference attorney at Lexis-Nexis, is now completing his master's degree in health law.

The Whipples are no ordinary couple. They share many interests, including mountain biking, weight lifting, and swimming, of course. They are exceptionally fit and fierce competitors of triathlons. But there is also a less demanding side to the couple's busy world. The seashores of Massachusetts and Maine are their favorite spots for vacation. The Whipples attend frequently the Human Race Theater in Dayton and, when the mood strikes, they are off to Manhattan to catch a show on Broadway. And music -- rock, jazz, and Latin -- is also their shared passion. Of course, they manage to read a lot, which, until recently, was modern fiction. Now, it's baby books.

Baby books?

Yes, you read it here first! On September 6, Victoria and Charles Whipple became the proud parents--and deservedly so--of a baby boy: eight pounds, six ounces of solid muscle. And despite this author's valiant efforts to persuade the parents to name their baby, "ASIS," they chose, instead, a longer name: "Calvin Charles."

But wait, there's more. Unbeknownst to all of us and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Whipples make their own brand of Porter beer, which will soon hit the market as "Calvin Charles Beer." Certainly this author, who has literally lost his shirt in the downswing of a volatile stock market, is not qualified to give advice on investing. But to him, buying stock in Calvin Charles Beer is a sure bet to becoming very rich, very quickly. He predicts that within six months the value of stock in Calvin Charles Beer will have outperformed that of Coca-Cola.

Work and family responsibilities aside, Victoria has been involved in societal activities. She is a member of the American Library Association, the Association for Information Science, and the Freedom to Read Foundation. Additionally, she has been a panelist and presenter on topics related to medical information.

Though a new member of SOASIS, Victoria plunged right in, immersing herself in chapter activities. She took on the two of the toughest jobs in the chapter: newsletter editor and chair of technical programs. The results of her efforts have been extraordinary. She resurrected our newsletter, which now comes regularly in both electronic and paper formats. Best yet, Victoria used her creativity and organizational ability to give SOASIS members a diverse array of timely technical programs and workshops. That's Victorious Victoria, the winner. But the ultimate winner is the SOASIS membership, a membership that ought to consider itself fortunate to have Victoria Whipple as a leader.

Athletically oriented, bustling with energy, well organized, highly disciplined, and exceptionally productive. That's Victoria Whipple, SOASIS' incoming Chair. Victoria Whipple is a "winner." But there is nothing unusual about that. "SOASIS....on the move" is full of winners.

--Jim Cretsos


Results of the 1998 Member Survey

There were 14 e-mail and two snail-mail responses.

Location of Meetings: Cincinnati (10), Dayton (10), Lexington (4)

Preferred Days: Monday through Thursday (14), Friday (6), Saturday (3)

Meals: Lunch (14), Dinner (10), No dinner (3)

Programs: Demos (14), Tech. Programs (11), Panels (10), Tours (8), Outside-the-field Speakers (8), Social Events (7)

Transportation Needed (2), Transportation Offered (9)

Top Four Topics: Intelligent Agents, Knowledge Management, Distributed Searching, Digital Libraries

Other Program Possibilities:

Joint meeting with the Central and Northern Ohio Chapters: Possible one-day or day-and-a-half technical program or workshop to be held in Columbus, Friday afternoon through Saturday.

Joint meeting with the Indiana Chapter.

Meeting at the University of Kentucky, including a tour of their new library.

Technical program on "Digital Libraries."

Respectfully submitted,

-The 1999 Technical Program Committee:
Patricia Carter
Angela Myatt
Elna Saxton
Jim Cretsos, Chair


An honor for SOASIS: Doug Kaylor was nominated to run for the office of Deputy Chapter Assembly Director, to serve in that office for two years. Doug began his term on the ASIS Board with the ASIS '98 meeting.

John Tebo won the ASIS Chapter Member of the Year Award for 1997, which was presented to him at the ASIS '98 meeting in November.

Karen Marsh is serving as Chair Elect for 1998-99 for the Medical Information Systems Special Interest Group (SIG/MED) of ASIS. She just submitted a proposal for the ASIS 1999 Mid-Year Conference in Pasadena, CA, for a SIG/MED-sponsored program called "Serving and Protecting Healthcare Consumers through Information Exchange." She is preparing a second program for the 1999 ASIS Annual Conference in Washington, D.C, which will probably focus on advances in telemedicine.

SOASIS conducted the annual meeting of the chapter on September 24th, 1998, and recognized with Certificates of Merit: Barbara Davis, for committee work and overall enthusiasm; John Tebo, for serving as Chapter Assembly Representative and being a willing committee member; Marianna Wells, for impeccable work as Chapter Treasurer and enthusiastic committee work; Victoria Whipple, for editorship of SOASIS… on the move Newsletter and the creation of excellent programming.

SOASIS awarded the Outstanding Member Award to Karen Ruud Marsh, the John Kahles Membership Award to Alison Armstrong and Earl Einhaus, and the Heberle Eyles Leadershp Award to Elna Saxton and Yvonne Davis.


The Committee's primary goal was to increase the size of the SOASIS membership through retention of current members, recruitment of new members, and recall of formerly active members who were no longer members of ASIS.

Retention. Though the Chapter lost nine members, retention rate remained high (two members retired, two members and two student members relocated, and only three regular members failed to renew their membership). That high retention rate was due primarily to the Committee's persistent efforts to encourage members to renew the membership. To learn the reason for non-renewals, the Committee plans to survey those members who have failed to renew their membership.

Recruitment. The Committee recruited heavily through targeted mailings and distribution of recruitment packets at SOASIS technical programs and workshops. At meetings and workshops, long-standing ASIS members offered testimonials on the benefits of the ASIS Membership. Additionally, the Chapter expanded its borders to include ASIS members from Kentucky. As a result of those efforts, SOASIS gained 19 new members, including six from Kentucky.

Recall. The effort to recall formerly active SOASIS members was not successful. Of the 18 formerly actives contacted, only three accepted an invitation to be the Chapter's guests at the SOASIS Annual Meeting, but elected not to rejoin ASIS.

Member Directory. The Committee sought to develop a comprehensive directory of SOASIS members, listing each member's educational background, professional activities, awards and honors, and other professional accomplishments. The Committee aimed to publish the "Who's Who in SOASIS" in both electronic and printed versions. Only 13 members responded, and the Committee made no further attempts to encourage additional input. This project is still viable, and the Committee recommends that additional efforts be made to persuade the remainder of the membership to respond.

--Respectfully submitted,

The SOASIS Membership Committee:
Alison Armstrong
Patricia Carter
Doug Kaylor
Karen Marsh
Jim Cretsos, Chair

November 18, 1998, 4:15pm

Present: Victoria Whipple, Chair; Jim Cretsos, Elna Saxton, Marianna Wells, Alison Armstrong

Review of past year:
Programs: 4 programs this past year: Netwellness, Metadata, Macromedia, and the Annual Business Meeting with Jose-Marie Griffiths. We had scheduled and then canceled UC digital press (not enough responses - will consider again this year). Webpage - When it arrives, Earl needs to put up the most recent issue of newsletter (he does all the updating). He will continue as webmaster and welcomes anyone's help.

Membership Committee Report - The Committee's primary goal was to increase the size of the SOASIS membership through retention of current members, recruitment of new members, and recall of formerly active members who were no longer members of ASIS. [Please see text of report in previous section of Newsletter]

Treasurer's Report - Overview of yearly gains & losses over the past 7 years. We've spent about $1,500 over each of the past two years - will cause us long term problems to deficit spend. Awards are coming out of general funds and this will cause problems in the long term. We need a successful program. Budget Planning Document sample included to help us properly price a workshop - the form is approved but hasn't ever been used. We're not sure why it hasn't been used properly … needs to be revisited. Awards are expensive: the items (plaques & the cash awards. Certificates rather than plaques, fewer recipients may serve to alleviate financial strain in this area. Workshops need to generate money - meetings don't. Unexpected costs for this year's annual meeting - though it was a great meeting (no new members recruited). To help offset costs, we can pad the cost of a meal by a few dollars to avoid a loss (not for profit). Other fund raising possibilities: 1) used book sale, 2) Las Vegas Night (games of chance), 3) Lottery/raffle (for a laptop). Jim will give budget for each meeting for the year. Need more local speakers (like from UK to look at new library, coordinate with library school, have local speaker).

Action Plan for 1999- Hope to have another successful year. And have the following in place -

Barbara Davis - Membership Committee Chair
John Tebo & Yvonne Davis are assembly reps
Earl on Webpage
Karen Marsh - Awards Committee Chair
Elna Saxton - Nominations & Elections Chair
Elna Saxton - Newsletter
Need an apprentice Treasurer to work with Marianna.
Victoria has asked Chairs to get new active committee members

Technical Programs (Jim)- Pat Carter wants to be more involved & has given Jim 60 names to try and recruit from L/N. Each member of the technical program committee is responsible for a program & then coordinates with group. Discussion - based on the information Jim has compiled, what do we want to do for technical programs & where do we want to do it. (Report provided by Jim.)

1) Joint meeting with all Ohio - good idea to get us all together (at least from the SOASIS perspective). Jim will approach the other groups and let them know of our support (the board's) for this type of meeting. What would we do for a workshop?

2) Indiana Chapter - we've been asked to help revitalize this chapter (by the immediate past president of ASIS & recently on the board of ASIS & are in Indiana). Jim will contact Shaw & Hardin and ask for details - clarify their expectations & then he'll report back to the board. Meet in Lexington?

3) Social event with SLA in the summer - or one of our own?

4) Try Digital Libraries program again - was in the "A" list of programs. [Should we add something besides UC - or ask Alice to expand her presentation?] She would be willing to do a UCDP program again.

Newsletter - Elna will take over from Victoria & they will get an issue out before Xmas.

Webpage - Earl will continue & welcomes help. Do we want to expand the site? Directory would be a great addition to the site but there are issues of privacy for those listed in the directory & whether they would want that information on the web.

Brainstorming - Do we want to continue the directory? Yes - This would help us create an historical record. Jim & Marianna would go through archives & gather information. The current directory info would build on that & then we could pull info about our members to help with committee & award information. That information could go on the website. Jim will try to gather some "history" on an individual basis. He'll work with Marianna who has past minutes & treasury reports from which to gather information. To help with survey return rates - how about having board members helping with returns. Even just a membership list (for a directory) would help - name, title, address, email. How about being able to fill those forms out at every gathering? Jim will turn these suggestions over to the membership committee.

Meeting Adjourn at 5:40p
--Respectfully Submitted,
Alison Armstrong, SOASIS Secretary



Date		Balance 			Net Gain or 
1991		$ 2,889.87
1992		$ 3,463.93		$    574.06
1993		$ 3,457.83		$     <6.10>
1994		$ 8,314.25		$  4,856.42
1995		$ 7,403.84		$   <910.41>
1996		$ 7,759.66		$    355.82
1997		$ 6,186.75		$ <1,572.91>
1998		$ 4,734.26		$ <1,452.49>
FUND ACCOUNT 1997-1998:

BEGINNING BALANCE AS OF 10/01/97			$ 6,186.75

Annual Meeting			$   372.00
Workshops (2)				$ 2,726.00
Chapter Rebate, First/Year		$   331.10
Interest on Account			$   158.77
Transfer to Checking Acct		$   800.00
TOTAL					$ 4,387.87


Annual Meeting			$ 1,229.38
Workshops (2)				$ 2,945.69
Publication Expenses			$   161.99
Awards in Cash			$   500.00
Expenses re Awards			$   168.30
Membership in Dayton ACM Chapter	$    10.00
Membership in OCLIS			$    25.00
Transfer from Savings Acct		$   800.00
TOTAL					$ 5,840.36

NET LOSSES						$1,452.49
ENDING BALANCE AS OF 06/30/98			$4,734.26

	--Submitted October 19, 1998
	Marianna Wells, Treasurer

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