SOASIS....On the move

SOASIS...On the move Southern Ohio Chapter of the Association for Information Science
Volume 19, Number 1  April, 1998


In this newletter we have the following:

I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming program on NetWellness to be held May 4. Details follow.
Victoria Whipple
Editor, SOASIS eNewsletter

NetWellness is a web-accessible, consumer health information network produced by Academic Information Technology & Libraries, University of Cincinnati Medical Center. NetWellness was selected by the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) to serve as a primary health resource for Ohio's citizens, with all of the NetWellness features available free of charge at public libraries throughout Ohio. NetWellness has also made its mark in other venues: senior centers, pharmacies, public broadcasting stations ... and will soon launch a demonstration project in select Ohio schools.

This presentation will provide a window on the world behind NetWellness: the innovative team approach that enabled a library to make a mark for itself as a premier consumer health information coordinator and provider, the successes and foibles along the way. Speakers from different areas of NetWellness will offer varying perspectives on the project, answer your questions and accept your ideas for potential future directions for NetWellness.

NetWellness team members presenting:

Karen Ruud Marsh, MLS, is Expert Coordinator for the NetWellness project. She also works as an Information Services Librarian for Academic Information Technology & Libraries. She set up the first international NetWellness site in the Republic of Georgia during the summer of 1997. Karen is Past-Chair of SOASIS.

Genevieve Byrd has a BS in Psychology from UC. She worked at Children's Hospital Medical Center for nearly nine years, most recently as Project Coordinator of the Center for Continuing Education in Adolescent Health, a national, federally-funded resource center. She has been with NetWellness since January and is responsible for content coordination and development.

Josette Riep is a Senior Software Engineer for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. She is webmaster both for the College of Medicine and for NetWellness.

The program will be held in the University of Cincinnati's Health Sciences Library. Refreshments will be provided. Cost is $5.00 for SOASIS members, $7.00 for non-members.
Please RSVP to Victoria Whipple: or 937-428-0534 (leave a message) by May 1.

If you are traveling either north- or southbound on I-75
Exit at the Hopple Street interchange. At the end of the exit ramp, turn left. At the first stoplight, travel throught the intersection and continue on up the hill. This road is Martin Luther King Drive. Continue on Martin Luther King, driving past the west campus of the university, until you reach the medical center area. Turn left onto Eden Avenue at the traffic light.

Exit at William Howard Taft Road. Follow Taft to Highland Avenue (fourth stoplight). Turn right and continue on Highland Avenue for several blocks. Turn left onto Martin Luther King Drive, then right onto Eden Avenue at the first traffic light.

If you are traveling northbound on I-71
Exit at Reading Road. Travel north on Reading to Martin Luther King Drive (seventh stoplight). Turn left onto Martin Luther King, and continue on King for several blocks until you reach the medical center area. Turn left onto Eden Avenue at the traffic light.

If you are traveling northbound on I-471
After crossing the river, take the Liberty Street exit. At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Reading Road. Forllow Reading to Martin Luther King Drive (ninth stoplight). Turn left onto Martin Luther King, and continue on King for several blocks until you reach the medical center area. Turn right onto Eden Avenue at the traffic light.

All Directions:
Once on Eden Ave, continue straight. Either drive straight into the Holmes Hospital parking area (driveway at the end of Eden Ave) or turn in to the visitor parking driveway for the MSB Parking Garage, which is on the corner of Eden and Bethesda. Enter the Medical Sciences Building off of Bethesda Avenue (marked "Colllege of Medicine." You will be on the E-level. Walk straight down the corridor until you reach the Health Sciences Library on your right. Enter the library, take the elevator up one level and walk straight out of the elevator to the far end of the floor. There, you will find the presentation room. Signs will be posted.


SOASIS Member Profile
Elna Saxton, 1998 SOASIS Chair

By Jim Cretsos

Stop and chat with Elna Saxton and the first thing you'll notice is her blue eyes--keenly studious, highly perceptive, exquisitely beautiful.

But the beauty doesn't stop there. If you could peer just a bit inside her brain, you'll soon discover a wondrous information-processing machine. Streams of data move in and out of Elna's brain at the speed of several terabites per second. You speak and she perceives. You think about your next sentence and she anticipates it. You ask a question and she answers it, just as you finish it. Marvelous brain. Frightfully intelligent. Simply beautiful.

It's all in the DNA.

What else could you expect in an offspring of a father, a chemical engineer at Du Pont, and a mother, a reasearch neuroscientist at the University of Missouri? Highly intelligent and creative those Saxtons. And highly prolific, too! Nine children--five boys and four girls. Count them: One, two, three, four, five, six... Stop there. Now comes lucky seven. That's Elna.

Let's start the counting again. No, let's just give them nametags. They had probably put them on first thing in the morning and had taken them off before going to bed. That must have helped avoid any confusion, even in a small town like West Grove, Pennsylvania.

West Grove? Is it on the map?

If you had asked the late Harry Reasoner, formerly of ABC News, for directions to West Grove, he would have probably told you, "Go to the end of the world, turn left, and there is West Grove. But drive very slowly or you'll miss the town."

A town that small?

Ask the librarian at the West Grove Public Library (2,000 square feet; 12,000 volumes) and she'll boast, "Yes, West Grove is a small, quiet, rural community of 2,200 people, with three churches, ten stores, a high school serving West Grove and nearby Avondale, and a police force of five. But

Traffic Congestion? West Grove has only one stoplight. But don't try to beat that red light. They are five cops waiting to arrest you. They have nothing else to do. There are no bars, no pool halls, no movie houses. NO MOVIES? If you want to catch a flick, you'll have to drive across the state line into Delaware. So, where can one go to have some fun? The young people of West Grove usually go to the YMCA; there's plenty to do there.

Oh, we're out of here. And that's exactly what the Saxtons did: Left West Grove and dispersed throughout the mainland and Hawaii. But Elna Saxton ended up in Cincinnati's Mount Washington community, where she shares a house with her girlfriend Sarah and a few other domestics: Lucy, a black Labrator retriever, and Abbey, Sachael, and Xena, an eclectic cat trio. There you have it: The Saxton Quartet harmonizing, "Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow. Woof, woof."

Small-town gal in her way to Cincinnati. Not a straight road by any means: B.S. in Business Administration (Human Resources Management) from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Dean's List Certificates; Cum Laude); M.L.S. from the University of Missouri-Columbia (on an H.W. Wilson Scholarship; 4.0 GPA); currently working toward her second master's in Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Cincinnati.

And the road goes on for Elna: Intern at the Daniel Boone Regional Library, Columbia, Missouri; Library Assistant at the University of Delaware and at the Wisconsin Indian Head Technical College; Cataloger at the Rochester Institute of Technology; Associate Librarian at the Rochester Regional Library Council; Interim Head of Special Materials and Head of the Periodicals Department at the University of Cincinnati.

Add to that professional experience lots of committee work at the University of Cincinnati (active in five committees) and in professional societies (American Library Association; Academic Library Association of Ohio; Association for Information Science; North American Special Interest Group; Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians). What you get is an exceptionally competent information professional.

All that has helped bring about a big professional payoff for Elna Saxton. She becomes animated when she talks about her implementation of refinements and controls to U.C.'speriodicals database, so users can easily locate the periodical they need. And she is thrilled with her accomplishments in the personnel area. Her coaching, mentoring, and nurturing of her staff of six have generated great dividents in their productivity and job satisfaction.

Elna's involvement in SOASIS is a phenomenon. Though a member of ASIS for only two years, she plunged immediately in chapter activities by serving on several chapter committees, paving a fast-track to the chaitmanship of the Southern Ohio Chapter. That's a first for our chapter--a record. And her fellow SOASIS members have responded by selecting her to receive the "1997 John Kahles Membership Award."

ASIS and especially SOASIS are fortunate to have Elna Saxton as one of its members and leaders. She is organized, focused, and proactive. She exudes high energy--and that's infectious. SOASIS members are getting energized, and want to serve their chapter. But Elna wants it all. She wants every member of SOASIS to get the most of what our chapter can offer to those participating in its activities. Wow! With Elna at the helm, anything is possible.

Of course, there is also another side to Elna Saxton's life--the fun side. She enjoys traveling to Hawaii, where one of her brothers lives, or to San Francisco, where a younger sister is a resident "free spirit." She likes to listen to contemporary music and loves to dance to the fast, rhythmic tempo of country line dancing. She also belongs to the "Sharks," the meanest women's volleyball team in the Cincinnati Recreation League (her teammates lower the net when Elna jumps up to spike). But she's never too far from a book. She is about to finish Nary Gaitskill's "Because They Wanted To: Stories."

So, if you run across a pensive, blue-eyed Shark, don't worry. It's only Elna Saxton contemplating a spike or perhaps yearning to listen to the Saxton Quartet with its familiar refrain, "Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow. Woof, woof!"

Submitted by Jim Cretsos Membership Committee Chair


Report of the SOASIS Membership Committee

The membership committee met twice in January to develop a plan for revitalizing SOASIS membership.

Thanks to membership information received from ASIS Headquarters, the committee has developed the SOASIS Membership Database. A demographic analysis of zip codes has revealed that most SOASIS members live or work in the Cincinnati and the Centerville-Dayton-Miamisburg areas. The committee has already met with some SOASIS members from Cincinnati to brainstorm on issues related to membership. A similar meeting has been scheduled with members from the Centerville-Dayton-Miamisburg area.

As part of its plan, the Membership Committee will explore the "3Rs" of membership

The Membership Committee also plans to develop and distribute a comprehensive "SOASIS Member Directory."

Doug Kaylor
Alison Armstrong
Jim Cretsos, Chair


	 October 1, 1997 - December 31, 1997  

10/01/1991	.....................................    $ 2,889.87
10/01/1992     .....................................    $ 3,463.93
10/01/1993	.....................................    $ 3,457.83
10/01/1994	.....................................    $ 8,314.25
10/01/1995 	.....................................    $ 7,403.84
10/01/1996     .....................................    $ 7,759.66
10/01/1997     .....................................    $ 6,186.75

                         FUND ACCOUNT

BEGINNING FUND BALANCE ...........................     $ 6,186.75  
INCOME   9/30-12/31/97        
Interest on Account .......................$ 40.12          40.12      
EXPENSES 9/30-12/31/97                             
   Ballots Copying & Postage ..............$ 28.80
   Board Meeting ..........................$ 23.10
   Membership in Dayton ACM Chapter .......$ 10.00        <61.90>
ENDING FUND BALANCE ..............................    $ 6,164.97


Pins ................................................      13
Mugs ................................................      25
Logos ...............................................       6

Respectfully submitted
April 2, 1998
Marianna Wells
Treasurer SOASIS


Report from SOASIS Program Chair

We have some exciting programs shaping up for the coming months. Details about all of them will be forthcoming, but some of the things we are working on include: "NetWellness: The Team Behind the Service" (see the following announcement); a luncheon meeting with Jose-Marie Griffiths speaking about the role of "The New Information Professional; and a presentation about UC's Digital Press. A couple of other programs are in the planning stages as well, details will be forthcoming. Although the calendar is filling up for the second half of the year, suggestions for upcoming programs are always welcome! Send them to Victoria at

Victoria Whipple,
SOASIS Program Chair


SOASIS Awards Nominations

You should have recieved a call for nominations for SOASIS and national ASIS awards from Barbara Davis. Nominations will be accepted until April 30, 1998, and should be submitted to:
  Barbara J. Davis
Chair, Awards Committee
Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP
1800 Star Bank Center
Cincinnati, OH 45202-3957

SOASIS awards are:

National ASIS awards are:

Questions about the awards should be addressed to Barbara Davis.

Nominations and Elections Committee Providing Opportunities!

The Nominations and Elections (N&E) Committee 1998 consists of Karen Ruud Marsh (Chair), John Tebo and Marianna Wells. This will mark the first year of a new procedure, making the position of N&E Chair an automatic responsibility of the individual serving as Past-Chair of SOASIS. The idea, developed by member Jim Cretsos, will help provide the chapter with improved continuity from year to year.

This year, a goal of the N&E Committee will be to have the 1999 officers in place prior to the annual ASIS Conference. This will give incoming officers a jump start on their positions and will enable more time for development of the year's programming.

The members of the N&E Committee welcome your nominations at any time: nominate yourself or another worthy SOASIS member. Names will be gathered over the coming months for placement on the ballot that will be distributed to all members. We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to expose yourself to an exciting, new professional opportunity. Available positions are as follows:
Program Chair (Chair-Elect)

Submit nominations to Karen by emailing to or by phoning (513)558-3374. Also contact Karen if you have any questions about the open positions.

Karen Ruud Marsh
Chair, Nominations & Elections

ASIS Midyear is fast approaching!

ASIS Midyear '98 "Collaboration Across Boundaries: Theories, Strategies, and Technology" will be held May 16-20, 1998 in Orlando Florida. This looks to be an exciting program, and as always provides many opportunities to interact with other information professionals. See the ASIS webpage ( for all the details.


SOASIS Board Members

Feel free to contact any of the Board Members at any time!

Chair:	Elna L. Saxton
	Head, Periodical Services Department
	University of Cincinnati Libraries
	PO Box 210033
	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033

Chair-Elect: Victoria Whipple
	Reference Librarian
	Washington-Centerville Public Library
	111 W. Spring Valley Road
	Centerville, OH 45458

Secretary: Alison Armstrong
	Head, Training & Educational Services Department
	University of Cincinnati Libraries
	PO Box 210033
	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033

Treasurer: Marianna Wells
	Head, Geology Physics Library
	University of Cincinnati Libraries
	PO Box 210153
	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0153

Newsletter Editor: Victoria Whipple
	Reference Librarian
	Washington-Centerville Public Library
	111 W. Spring Valley Road
	Centerville, OH 45458

Assembly Representative: John Tebo
	Head, Chemistry Biology Library
	University of Cincinnati Libraries
	PO Box 210151
	Cincinnati, OH 45221-0151

Alternate Assembly Representative: Yvonne Michal Davis
	1593 Oak Knoll Dr. #2
	Cincinnati, OH 45224

Chair, Membership Committee:  Jim Cretsos

Chair, Nominations & Elections: Karen Ruud Marsh
	Information Services Librarian
	University of Cincinnati AITL

Chair, Awards Committee: Barbara J. Davis
	Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP
	1800 Star Bank Center
	425 Walnut St.
	Cincinnati, OH 45202-3957
	ph: 513/357-9403
Victoria Whipple
Washington-Centerville Public Library
111 West Spring Valley Road
Centerville, OH 45458

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